The Rant

The Rant

June 4th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Lately, I have been reading of the hatred from some Republicans of the so-called liberal media. Thank you, TFP, for printing both sides.

Bravo, Jay Greeson, on your column on civility. We will never resolve our differences until we start treating each other with dignity and respect.

I love the commentary by Walter Williams. So much common sense. Wish he would run for president. Definitely no common sense in any government.

TFP columnist Ron Hart said, in response to the U.S.-Trump selling $100 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia, "no business has ever gone broke investing in other folks' grudges."

The May 25 Free Press editorial gave a jarring description of Turkey's brutality toward its citizens. Now, can you explain Trump's embrace of Erdogan, Turkey's president?

When religious leaders endorse a character like Donald Trump, I begin to understand why Americans' rejection of religion is at an all-time high.

I don't understand Democrats who want to remove Trump. Democrats will have a better chance of success in 2018 if Trump is still in office.

Fair Electoral College did its job. It removed the anti-American, ungodly Democratic party/president from the White House. The "deplorables" had had enough.

My favorite sign from a Trump protest in Brussels: "Free Melania."

Tape shows loser Kathy Griffin planning apology before picture was taken, then displaying severed Trump head to revise a sinking career. Brilliant and disgusting.

Franklin Graham is as politically astute as his father Billy was with Richard Nixon.

In November, Comey was a liar and unreliable. Now, he tells the truth and is a hero. Changes, people, changes.

The Russians are our adversaries; they want to outdo us. ISIS is our enemy; they want to kill us.

I'm now for Trump's Wall more than ever since I found out it also will keep out fire ants!

Question: Want a case against early voting? Answer: Montana.

Fox "fake" news seems to be struggling to find human interest stories to report rather than the real news.

Much is written about the five under- performing Hamilton County schools, yet we seldom read about the many (not all) irresponsible parents.

Why don't all of you folks who complain about local politicians step up to the plate and run for those offices instead of complaining so much?

Time to ask our Congressman "Chuck" if Trump's anti-German attitude will cause the demise of our "people's car" factory?

Want to improve Tennessee highways without a gas tax increase? Patrol the roads for speeders, and let the fines repair the highways.

You are gagging on a gnat and swallowing a camel when you condemn Trump for every move he makes and overlook what Hillary has done.

Do the school vouchers you support also include money for uniforms, lunches and transportation? Partial tuition doesn't help all students.

Adults in charge: Please stop the vulgar, public dancing displays of our young ladies on the street. It is embarrassing!

Again, liberal news bias by omission. The FISA court finds vast overreach by Obama/NSA. No mention by any mainstream media. Ratings tank.

Why not convert the Wheland Foundry property into an amusement park? A ferris wheel would be an exciting sight for tourists entering Chattanooga from Interstate 24.

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