The Rant

The Rant

June 11th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Is there anyone left who hasn't figured out that the biggest source of fake news is Trump?

"America First" is rapidly becoming America alone, out of touch and falling behind.

Regarding Paris Accord: Europe steps up, businesses step up. Same outcome, taxpayers save $3 billion! Maybe 30 new schools? Art of the deal!

President Trump supposedly said he didn't want United States to be a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Thanks to him, it's too late.

How many of our state legislators were at the RAM clinic last weekend to witness how many people lacked health insurance?

Voters put Trump in charge to shake things up. He's doing it, or trying to do it. Surely the USA can take it. We are strong.

Covfefe? Coded message from Trump to his Russian collaborators? Desperate plea from an insomniac for coffee? For sure the president is asleep at the switch.

Arise silent majority, let your voice be heard. Speak out and shame the Dems for their no-no attitude of a 2-year-old toddler. Grow up, Dems.

My mama always said, covfefe is as covfefe does.

Trump voters' favorite pick-up line: "Hey let's go back to my cave and I'll check ya' for tics."

Proven collusion between Democrats and mainstream media helped Hillary and she still lost! Now the Trump collusion with Russia fairy tale, really? What a team!

Mr. Trump, if you can't stand the heat of the presidency, get out of the kitchen. Don't burn the kitchen down; it's not your house.

Bill Maher reveals himself as the liberal racist he is, but gets a pass. PC is only for others?

Forget hockey. The biggest "game" in town will be the school board vote on the next superintendent. Wonder how Vegas would peg it?

Please explain how a community organizer, a third-year senator from Chicago who goes on to the White House for two terms, can afford an $8.1 million home?

Most of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam. Why aren't they on the travel ban? Oil? Money?

Thank you, New Orleans, for trying to change our history. I will never visit you again.

Want job security? Work in damage control in Trump's administration! You'll stay busy for sure.

In speaking of hatred of Trump and obstruction, Eric Trump seems to have forgotten the eight years of GOP hatred/obstruction/ just say no to Obama. Karma.

The state education department proposes to take over and save our five failing schools? They can't even deliver TNReady test scores once a year!

To all the underperforming schools in Chattanooga: Life is tough. It's tougher when you can't get through school. Parents, do your part.

When basketball season starts at UTC, handicap parking quota by McKenzie needs to be raised, especially for wheelchairs. "Big bucks" can park across Third Street.

I'm deeply saddened by people who abandon dogs. Heartbreaking when those dogs chase after them then find themselves alone in a dark, unfamiliar place.

Former FBI Director Comey was asked to downplay the Hillary Clinton investigation by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Somehow, we're not shocked.

The most interesting aspect of the schools superintendent appointment may be the manner is which members choose the finalists.

Great editorial page quote: Republicans adjust their standards and put an emphasis on team loyalty. They normalize and accept previously unacceptable behavior.

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