The Rant

The Rant

May 21st, 2017 in Opinion Rants

If you think the Strip in Las Vegas is scenic, you'll love the new Fairway digital billboard at Fifth and Market.

Anyone against the Electoral College has to be dense to not understand that it is the fairest way for voting. Founding fathers were wise.

Half-page ads for non-FDA-approved arthritis pain relief and for sex pills used in China for 63 years. Makes me sick.

Trump needs to learn that insulting heads of intelligence agencies is different from insulting bankers, lawyers and contractors.

The problem isn't having the NAACP at the table to pick the next police chief; the problem is the organization wants to make the only vote that counts.

Based on the Hamilton County superintendent interviews so far, methinks the board should start over.

With two-way streets this time, at least no one is promising the change will transform the streets like they did with McCallie Avenue (that never happened).

Wanna know how it feels to be thrown under a bus? Ask McMaster, Pence and Spicer. They can tell you.

There are some hefty property tax hike numbers being tossed out there. Is it now or never for the Hamilton County Commission?

Does anyone really think that Hillary Clinton would have retained James Comey one day after she was elected president?

Can you name the presidents who became wealthy after their term(s) as president of the United States of America?

Looking for intelligence in a litter of puppies you look at the eyes. Same goes for Congress. Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein and Warren fail the test!

The birth of a baby is personal, private and precious, not front-page publicity. The live birth of a giraffe on TV must have been very influential.

Bring back Knitting Mills Antique Mall. Chattanooga has enough restaurants and offices. Knitting Mills was a unique place to shop. Where does it stop? Removing more Confederate reminders? Am I next? My grandfather was a wounded veteran of two terms in the infantry and cavalry in that conflict.

The problem is not that desegregation of schools is complicated or messy. It's that we've stopped talking about it entirely.

A wonderful gift for mother on Mother's Day: a burial plot at Lakewood Memory Gardens. LOL.

I used to stay up to laugh at the late night comedy shows. Now I get my comedy from the morning news White House reports.

Candidate Trump said we would get tired of winning. Implicit in this is that The Chattanooga Times page editor would get tired of losing.

Sitting here watching him on CNN and thinking I can see into the future — John Kasich will be elected president in 2020.

If a President Hillary Clinton had behaved as Trump, there would be 52 Republican senators and 241 Republican members of the House screaming for her impeachment.

The recent crowd at Coolidge Park for Franklin Graham makes us think the dark side has a ways to go before taking over in Chattanooga.

TFP columnist Jay Greeson was on point, "Same old, same old," is not working. A third grader who can't read is a disgrace.

Let's just find the best person to be our next police chief. Let's not go down the race, gender, etc., path. Please.

It's all well and good to give tax breaks to companies for expanding, but who is in charge of making sure they follow through?


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