The Rant

The Rant

May 28th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Gen. Michael Flynn loved the "lock her up" chant over the Clinton email witch hunt. Guess what the judge will likely say to him?

Even though Trump fired James Comey for the wrong reasons, I am still glad Trump fired him. Better late than never.

If your praying was what got Trump elected, do our country a favor and stop praying.

Wake up, America! We have a 3-year-old dictator in the White House whose solution to everything is — you're fired.

Greatest speech against terrorism since President Reagan's Fight Against Terrorism speech. Great job, President Trump. Keep up the good work.

You are dense if you don't know that the Electoral College was created, in part, to keep idiots from the presidency. Obviously, it failed.

My North Georgia neighborhood is held hostage by Ironman. Roads are closed and it brings no benefits to North Georgia. Please race somewhere else.

With Trump, "the buck stops here" only means actual bucks, not responsibilities.

Hillary is forming a new political action committee (since the foundation is closing down). Got to raise money for the family and support the lifestyle.

Schumer, Pelosi, Warren and Sanders, move out of the way and form your own third party of hatred. Then the Dems would think for themselves.

Our country's history is what it is. Civil War, 620,000 lives lost. Destroying Civil War monuments? How dare you. You're no better than ISIS destroying ancient artifacts.

People are able to use their phones for everything, but can't figure out how to make or cancel appointments.

Thankful for what's working right bringing entertainment to the Tivoli and Memorial Auditorium. Clone that management team.

City buildings: Recreation complexes are in dire need of repair and updating. No air for a year, dirty bathrooms, handicap doors that don't work. Mr. Mayor?

P.T. Barnum may have said it, but it took Donald Trump to prove him right.

Highlander high on himself, Favors just wants to talk. Progress unimportant. Just keep sending money. No change needed. How dismal.

Stop obsessing about the president; focus on what you can do in your community. That's how to make America great again!

There's been more angst from groups over the hiring of the new police chief than the hiring of a school district leader. What gives?

If this newspaper's "statement of core values" were unbending, we wouldn't see deceptive ads for quack cures, self-remedies and uncirculated money.

Tip for those who want their five minutes before City Council: Think about what you want to say, prepare and time your remarks. It's not rocket science!

Another award for a Hamilton County magnet school (CCA) where kids want to attend. There's a message there, central office.

Trump in the Middle East: They didn't think Ronald Reagan could possibly be a peacemaker, either.

Went to podiatrist. Insurance bill for a urine test $4,593, plus $1,714 for a drug test. Why? I was there for foot pain!

Red Bank needs to fix holes on Martin and Lullwater roads before there is an accident. It's been neglected way too long.

Ben Brewer has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion for his role in the 1-75 tragedy. Perhaps Johnthony Walker deserves the same fate.

Volkswagen's TV ad "All Gone to Look for America" for the new Atlas, makes me proud it's made here.

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