The Rant

The Rant

November 5th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Gun control: If laws worked, there would be no speeders, no robbery, no killing. People don't obey the laws.

The media covered the software problem with Obamacare, but I have not seen a printed word about the problem with the issuance of death certificates in Tennessee.

Let's put all of the people involved in the Russian scandal in jail and get on with governing our country.

Democrats, beware of what you wish for when it comes to President Trump and the Russians. Karma is a well, you know.

Anyone who speaks the truth about Trump gets in trouble. Sounds like Hitler's Berlin or Stalin's Moscow to me.

Honor, decency, integrity, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have these. The other GOP senators are either cowards or have been drinking Trump's Kool Aid!

"Liddle Bob Corker?" "Liddle" is how our president spells the word "little." Bless his heart, he thinks that's correct .

Kudos to Sen. Corker for speaking truth to power. Trump's entire presidency is a photo-op.

Sen. Bob, please just shut up.

The school board, principals, and teachers are not to blame for failing schools. It's failing parents. Check the PTA memberships at low-performing schools.

I wonder what percent of Erlanger's revenue last year came from residents of Walker County? Never again will I contribute to this number. Pure greed.

If Tyner is underutilized and East Hamilton is overcrowded, why not bus East Hamilton students to Tyner?

As a lifelong Republican, is Sen. Corker the only sane Republican senator in Congress?

If politicians only tell the truth when they're not running again, does that mean those who are running again are all liars? I think so.

America was better off when it still took five days to get a message from Capitol Hill to the Mississippi River! Take "liddle Donny's" phone away!

Once again the Democrat Party has shown that they know no limits in spreading hate and dissension with the ad in the Virginia governor's race.

The Times devotes a half page about Trump's "blame shifting" while giving Hillary a free pass to go on tour about the subject.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn takes $98,000 from the pharmaceutical industry, writes legislation making the opioid crises worse, and now wants to run for Senate. No ma'am.

Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore says he's a Christian; does he show Christian love for his Hispanic, liberal, black, Jewish, Muslim, or gay neighbor as much as himself?

To the ranter wanting to know why Clinton's activities were OK with voters, Weinstein's not: Clinton's was consensual, Weinstein's was not. Huge legal and moral difference.

A scandalized Cal Thomas claims #MeToo status on behalf of his daughter and granddaughter, after backing the groper for president. What a hypocrite.

If Mayor Berke runs for the Senate and wins, will all of Tennessee and the USA have bike trails, but still have poor roads?

Service people: When you call me "honey" and "sweetie," it gives me a warm feeling. You seem to be a caring person who genuinely loves people.

I wonder what Gen. Neyland would say right now?

Why does the Sunday edition have two separate A sections ? It is irritating to have to go to a second section to finish an article.

In Hixson, two skeletons on a bench with UT hats and shakers and a sign saying, "We've been waiting here a long time for a UT win!"

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