The Rant

The Rant

November 12th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

A MASS shooting done by a lost soul is a mental health issue (if he's a white Christian). If he's lost to ISIS, it's a terrorism attack.

TRUMP PUTTING on a bomber jacket in front of U.S. troops in Tokyo — glad it didn't aggravate his bone spurs.

FOR EIGHT YEARS any negative comment about the POTUS was racist. Now it's open season on the white guy.

IT'S A MENTAL HEALTH issue because the NRA/GOP believe that the mentally ill have a constitutional right to bear arms.

Tweedle Dee is again bragging about his IQ, trying to convince the American people that he is not Tweedle Dumb. Sorry, we're smarter than that.

President Trump has as much chance of being impeached as Clinton [either Bill or Hillary].

If the Iran Deal was so good, why did it take multimillions of dollars in cash to get the Iranians to agree?

Let's all join hands, lock arms, sing kumbaya — and be sure to dodge the bullets.

And, the Democrat plan for taxes: anything the Republicans oppose in tax reform.

A rant says, "People don't obey the laws." If there were fewer guns floating around, fewer people would be shot. NRA, take note.

If Sanders wants to run as a Democratic candidate, he should join the Democratic Party. Otherwise, he should run as a Socialist Party candidate. Or hush.

Nancy, Chucky and their minions continue obstructionism no matter how much they damage our country. No borders, no vetting, but chain immigration.

Will we ever figure out that the entertainment industry has become the Communists' propaganda arm?

Too bad about Rand Paul. At least he has great insurance. Not like the one he is shoving down our throats.

So some folks seem to think if we don't help poor people to exist then there won't be any poor people.

Trickle down economics to justify corporation tax breaks is just nonsense. It's more like a shower on the middle class.

WHEN I WAS taught to drive, "yellow" meant slow down, be prepared to stop. "Red" meant stop! Not in Cleveland, "yellow" go through, "red" likewise.

SEN. CORKER shows honor, honesty and patriotism — making Tennessee proud.

WHY RUIN a favorite apple pie or cake or crumbles with rosemary and chia seeds. Give me the old fashioned standard, please. Making cake today.

Thanks, mayor and commissioners, for more paving dollars. Brainerd Road and Jenkins Road are immensely improved. Don't let up now.

I hope River City has a solid plan to fill in the vacant/for rent spaces that are dotting downtown streets. Starting to look grim in some blocks again.

Which Democrat will win the game of chicken in first announcing a U.S. Senate campaign — former Gov. Phil Bredesen or Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke?

Apparently the rumor was true that UTC pays its employees so little that it couldn't afford to outsource its services through the state's designated "cheaper" vendor.

So far, Signal Mountain pro-breakaway team members have not made a good case for their exit. Start answering the key questions!

With a police precinct nearby and a mayor who says he wants to solve the situation, how has 11th Street become an open homeless camp?

Cpl. Willie Sparks, shown in Nov. 4 TFP photo, is a handsome young man dressed in his military attire. What an inspiration he is for young men.

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