The Rant

The Rant

November 26th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Will the two women who have never been sexually accosted, abused, fondled, etc., by some man please come forward!

Our nation has many problems to be solved, but our president takes time out for a Twitter insult session about LaVar Ball.

It's called multitasking, Hillary. Doing more than one activity at a time (golfing, tweeting) versus doing one activity (running for president)!

Congress and sexual harassment. "You never know what's in the pickle barrel until you take the lid off." Time to take the lid off, Congress.

Republican evangelical legislators claimed their "bathroom bills" were protecting their daughters from transsexuals. Now they are defending a candidate accused of sexually harassing teenage girls.

Speaker Paul Ryan, why are you and many others suggesting Judge Roy Moore step aside? Where is "innocent until proven guilty"? Afraid he'll help drain the swamp?

Trump, what happened to Washington and the cherry tree?

It amazes me that people are throwing stones over sins of nearly 40 years ago. Is repentance and forgiveness possible?

As a woman, I am sick of listening to all these women suddenly remembering that some male molested them years ago.

Members of Congress: Balance the budget; cut taxes; cut spending; cut the b

Will the next election be won by someone who never dated, never served, never managed anything but is a professional tax spender?

Tax cuts have worked well for the last 20 years. The rich got much richer. Did you?

Is David Testerman the only adult on the school board? It appears so when discussing the Signal Mountain schools.

Kansas cut taxes in 2012. Now their economy is a disaster. Growth never materialized (never has for U.S. tax cuts).

Seeing the amount of advertising by insurance companies and hospitals is one reason why health care is so expensive.

How can a governor put her party over her people? Clearly that is what is wrong with both parties.

It is getting to the point if you lose an election you have to be executed to keep you from constantly speaking about your loss.

That anyone would pay $450 million for a painting when others are living without food, shelter, hope, is unacceptable. Your day will come, greedy one.

Now that Butch is gone, can we lose the in-between downs rap jams at Neyland? The performance on the field is headache enough.

Would Alabamians still support Roy Moore if he was abusing 14-year-old boys instead of 14-year-old girls?

Sen. Bob Corker gets my vote no matter what office he runs for: president of the United States or local dog catcher. He'd be the best at either one.

TVA yearly: $112.5 million, 10,000 workers, $10,970 bonus each worker. Did we the American people get our bonuses this year? Check is in the mail.

When you report that a car was clocked doing 155 mph on I-85, you should answer the obvious question that all men want to know: What kind of car was it?

If you have difficulty finding the driver license facility in Red Bank, use "Google Earth" to view large sign which is lying on the ground.

Want to feel great and help your community? Become a volunteer firefighter! Any amount of time is appreciated. Join us today!

May the Woodmore Elementary School families touched by the school bus crash tragedy find peace this holiday season.

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