The Rant

The Rant

October 1st, 2017 in Opinion Rants

UNLIKE DRAFT dodger Donald, I volunteered in 1969 and proudly served in the U.S. Army, not for a flag or song, but for my country.

IF THE NFL refuses to respect our flag, then I refuse to respect its game. Boycott the NFL.

KNEELING DURING the national anthem creates awareness. That's it, just awareness. But standing up and doing something about it creates change. Be the one!

KAEPERNICK ET. AL. were smart to wait until the Greatest Generation was gone. They would have kicked Kapernick's butt for a field goal.

HOW MANY Americans died for your freedom to disrespect the national anthem by kneeling? Exactly what will need to happen for you to be happy?

BOB CORKER, who never served, thinks Donald Trump's threat to destroy another country is "what America stands for." Many of us who served disagree.

THE NFL PLAYERS disrespecting the flag are a slap in the face to every person who served/fought/died for their freedom. Trump is right.

ALL YOU OVERPAID athletes and Hollywood egotists: What have you done to solve your protest causes other than just talk and make fun of the president?

LET THE NFL players go to North Korea and disrespect the flag there and see what happens! I am retired Navy, and this was disgusting.

ATHLETES SHOULDN'T kneel and are showing disrespect? Christianity says we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Put yourself in African-Americans' shoes.

WHEN I PAY to see a sports event, I pay to see a game, not a player's personal opinion of any given issue.

TRUMP SUPPORTERS, please keep those bumper stickers on. We need to know who has demonstrably poor judgment so we can avoid them on the road.

PRESIDENT TRUMP seems to be able to handle the heat far better than Obama and his supporters' cries of racism when rebutted.

DONALD TRUMP has been in office for eight months. It's obvious he's the worst president we've ever had.

TRUMP CAN'T make American great again because he doesn't understand or respect these fundamental constitutional rights: freedom of the press and the right to protest.

HELP! I CANNOT find where it was decided that the United States would be the decider of what nations could possess nuclear weapons.

WATCHING BURNS' "Vietnam" reveals American "leadership" actually plotting against our citizens' best interests. Is there any difference in today's government?

JOHN MCCAIN, a Democratic wolf in a Republican sheep's clothing.

I BELIEVE THAT representatives who vote for legislation they do not understand are at best, political hacks; at worst, traitors to American ideals.

THE ONLY THING lower than a politician is the media, and the media just enabled liberal athletes to politicize sports, committing financial suicide for both!

RON HART on N. Korea: "Let 'em continue to monkey with nukes, in a country the size of New Jersey just might take care of itself."

GLOBAL WARMING? No. Regional, occasional, temporary warming? Yes. And cooling. And floods, and drought, etc., for millions of years. It's called nature, you liberal idiots!

EQUIFAX SHOULD be forced to change its motto from "Powering the world with knowledge" to "Powering cyber criminals with knowledge."

IF YOU THINK Tennessee will do what's right if it controls health care, you've forgotten the devastation Todd Gardenhire caused when he denied the citizens health care.

I HAVE DRIVEN in 49 states, and Tenn./Ga. drivers are the worst in the country. Driving is a privilege, not qualifying for NASCAR.

HANDICAPPED PARKING places at Finley Stadium should be used for the handicapped, not tailgaters' tents and grills.

TWO NEW TRAFFIC lights in Dayton, traffic light capital of Tennessee. Rockwood, here we come!

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