The Rant

The Rant

October 29th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

When do we get to repeal and replace Donald J. Trump?

If you don't like the president, get working on beating him next time around, folks. Democracy is not an idle pursuit.

Standardized test scores. Length of marathon race courses. Measurements are not Tennessee's strong suit.

Clay Bennett, why did you exclude Bill Clinton in last week's cartoon? Oh, I forgot, the Clintons can do no wrong, according to liberals.

Mr. Trump, please stop fighting with the widow of a dead soldier. Don't you have other things to do?

Trump is accomplishing things, even if it's with his pen. Just like his predecessor. That might be how it's going to be forever.

Pollution is the world's number 1 killer. Guess who's signing a huge number of executive orders to make us pollute more than ever before?

McCain and Corker deserve praise for having the integrity to stand up to our pathological lying, draft dodging, sexual assaulting braggart, president.

A family shocked at the knowledge a soldier, "signed up for it ," more like Democrat anti-Trump rhetoric. The soldier died a hero doing his duty.

There is a difference between communism and socialism. Communism is murder, socialism is suicide. The U.S. needs neither one.

Rep. Diane Black votes health care out of range for the poor and now wants to remove even ER access. Unamerican!

Help me to understand how giving corporations and rich people a big tax cut helps middle class working people.

All the past presidents who may receive low marks from historians can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Amid the hypocrisy shown in Hollywood and D.C., it's clear we're all better off focusing family and friends. Focus on local, everyone.

Should we change the name to Porto Rico since no one pronounces Puerto correctly?

Weinstein: allegations of sexual harassment, assault & rape — bad. Clinton: allegations of sexual harassment, assault and rape — OK. Explain please.

If athletes want to protest, why not protest the violence and ignorance promoted by MTV and VH1?

That prominent Christian leaders support a habitual liar and abuser of women and minorities is the measure of how morally empty and bankrupt they have become.

Did school board members really vote on that building plan after seeing it for just an hour? Highly unlikely. Own up to to it.

Chattanooga store fronts with "for lease" signs. River City, listen to what the people are saying. We need more parking. It's like bait and switch.

What's to celebrate with the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation splitting the church instituted by God at the last supper with Peter as first Pope?

Where can a young couple who cannot afford private school buy a fixer upper in Chattanooga?

Dr. Bryan Johnson, what happened to the bow ties? Please bring them back!

It disturbs me to hear someone say "Oot-ewah." It's "Ool-tewah." Why do people leave the "l" out? Grrrrrr.

I'd worry about the GOP's chances next year until I remember what disastrous shape the Dems are in. No leadership, no plan, no money.

Since when is 'adulting' a verb? Please. Life will not protect you like your helicopter parents. Grow up. Life is hard. Buck up.

Service people: I am not your babe, honey, sweetie or darling. I am Mrs, Miss, Ms. or sir. Please address me that way.

It would take Peyton Manning coming in as the Vols' coach for 4-5 star recruits to come to Tennessee now. Sadly, that won't happen.

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