The Rant

The Rant

September 3rd, 2017 in Opinion Rants

Houston residents, still in shelters, no computers, had a deadline of Friday to file damage claims, and the waters are still rising. Thanks, insurance lobbyists!

We sent Trump to Washington to drain the swamp. It seems all he's doing is poisoning it.

Enlightenment. Go to Dow Jones' site, to 10-Year Daily Chart. Look at 2009 — Obama took office; 2017 — Trump took office. Presidential impact vs general trend.

To the ranter who complained about Trump's vacation expenditures: He doesn't get paid a salary as president. His total personal expenditures are way less than Obama's.

Mike Pence and Sarah Huckabee Sanders: How can you say the things you say and then face yourselves in the mirror?

Divided government is a reflection of our divided country. If protesting can get the Confederate statues removed, let's protest Washington and get Congress removed!

Mitch McConnell, did your mama never tell you to be careful what you ask for, 'cause you might just get it?

Just because something is true, doesn't make it politically correct, folks. We must all submit to the propaganda brain washing.

I'm so fed up with everyone destroying our history, which they don't even teach in school anymore. I'm referring to destroying our statues around the U.S.A.

Democrats should pressure Egypt to tear down the pyramids because they were built by slaves. If you are going stupid, go big.

No matter how many statues you remove, you cannot destroy history. You are supposed to learn from history so that it is not repeated.

Not true that Walker Democrats hold meetings in a telephone booth. At a good meeting, it takes two booths, at a really great meeting, three!

I plan to sanitize Confederate monuments by voting against all Democrats in Tennessee in future elections.

Thank you, Pam Sohn, for the comprehensive list of Obama's screw-ups and stupidity that Trump fixed in just 200 days.

What do we learn from tearing down historical statues? Ask ISIS. It's one of their specialties.

Hey, all you white supremacists and Neo-Nazis out there, you don't see Germany putting any Hitler statues up, do ya'?

How many government employees does it take to announce a tax increase? Please look at the picture.

Why doesn't the HCDE implement some of the recommendations of the Blue Star Panel to save money?

City fathers, any regulations for the number of gas stations per mile? Six in 1.6 miles on Brainerd Road seems a bit much.

Riverfront Parkway closed for a festival. Fourth Street ramp to 27 has a stop sign. Chattanooga Transportation Department clueless. Riverfront closed during construction project unacceptable.

Eric Watson and his goons are the reason people don't trust cops.

Why is one road after another being ruined with bike lanes? Putting one in front of Tremont Tavern will not improve traffic flow.

Drivers, there is a "yield" sign at each entrance to a roundabout. You don't have the right to enter if someone else is already waiting to enter.

The pressure is on our school system; we cannot build enough jail cells for schools' and parents' failures. Please support our schools.

It was great to see megarich Joel Osteen reopen his megachurch after getting blistered on social media. Social media worked well!

Hurricane Harvey, while politicized by the right and left, truly shows what America is made of. Perhaps we aren't as divided as we think.

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