The Rant

The Rant

September 17th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

I was glad to see Rush Limbaugh evacuate to escape the fake hurricane invented by the liberal media.

If Trump spent less time overturning everything Obama did, maybe he could get some of his own ideas passed. Sad.

The Board of Education better wake up. Our students are not being served well. Good thing the county put more money into added jail space.

Partisan polarization is an ineffective means of making change, because it alienates the other side on principle without examining tangible solutions for a better tomorrow.

Hey Dreamers, don't blame President Trump for enforcing the law, blame your parents for breaking it.

The DACA children are victims of Obama and their parents, not the current administration!

The reason Equifax waited six weeks before announcing our information had been stolen was because upper management was busy dumping their stock. To heck with us.

Media's "talking heads" each trying to be more sensational than the others in the midst of a hurricane. Ridiculous.

McKamey won't take a stray cat because of my ZIP code, unless I pay $250. Now, here come the Harvey animals. What's their ZIP code?

Why can't Chattanooga use the millions of dollars from the tourists to build schools and jails? Something smells fishy just saying.

Every day, I see at least one driver run a red light or stop sign. What happened to the days when police enforced the traffic laws?

Only took two massive natural disasters to bump Trump off the front page and lead TV news stories. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Equifax data theft is the most egregious corporate screwup in a while. Ridiculous. I'd like to see more outrage over this.

Tell new police chief to take all military hardware from U.S. that he can. He will need it. That's a fact. Just wait and see.

Comparing President Trump to Kim is like comparing FDR to Hitler.

A very large thank you to City Councilman Ken Smith for getting Northpoint Boulevard paved.

News flash: I saw people working on the East Brainerd Road widening project the other day. Who said they would never finish this project?

Well, new schools Superintendent Bryan Johnson has all the reasons he needs to change the way we educate kids at many schools. Latest scores — pathetic.

Why do people removing temporary parking meter covers throw the plastic ties onto the sidewalk and leave them as litter? I picked up at least three Thursday.

Why did Apple skip iPhone 9? Does that mean we all should skip it, too?

Hillary Clinton is some kind of masochist. Why does she insist on rehashing last November's result? She needs to exit, stage left, ASAP.

It's hard to get excited about tax increases, but the city increase to be paid by mostly pension-less folks to fund pensions for others is hard to swallow.

Hurricane Katrina was to bring on a reign of new horrible hurricanes but didn't. Now, 12 years later, Harvey and Irma have done it? Climate change?

Please, please, please, let Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to be the face of the Democratic Party.

Mayor Jim Coppinger said commissioners who didn't vote for the tax increase must not need anything in their district. CSLA parents are looking at you, Tim Boyd.

How much did Black Lives Matter and Antifa members help out with hurricane relief? Asking for a friend.

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