The Rant

The Rant

September 24th, 2017 in Opinion Rants

President Trump working with Democrats as well as Republicans? Congratulations, that is how our government is supposed to work — compromise for the good of all!

Senate Republicans: Oh please, please pass your latest health care bill so we can watch your political careers die a slow death.

Amnesty for Dreamers is like letting bank robbers' kids keep the money because it's been in the family so long.

Trump says that ESPN "should apologize for an untruth." I agree. I hope POTUS leads us by example and makes America great again.

ESPN: Hill's comment is a big boost to Democratic Party — into losing again.

Ol' 45 appears to be confused. To make America "great" again, the U.S. can't isolate itself from the rest of the world.

Hillary needs to put her big girl panties on and go home!

Liberals, media supporters and very sore losers: You can whine all day long but if a new election were held tomorrow, Trump wins handily.

Is Mrs. Bill Clinton trying to set the Guinness world record for a candidate to continuously run for president? Save a tree; stop running!

When the popular clique in school mocks an "outsider," it's called bullying. When the Hollywood elite do it, it's called making a political statement!

Why don't people get off their Bernie Sanders soap box. He won't run again. He is already a fossil.

Will the Left be happy when statues of Confederate soldiers are torn down and statues of BLM and Antifa "heros" are erected?

I was appalled to see former White House press secretary Sean Spicer's disgusting appearance on the Emmys. Hopefully he will live to regret it.

The problem with health care is simple: Health insurance and pharmaceutical companies and their massive lobbies in Washington and the states.

Why do police shoot to kill someone with a knife instead of using all of their skills learned practicing to shoot to disable?

Politically correct history cannot change actual history. Statues and memorials may remind us of a history we may not care to repeat.

Catoosa County's sheriff and cronies are another reason one cannot trust law enforcement.

Re: Last Sunday's "Upside Down" Perspective column by Russ Roberts: I think he's overreacting. We all need to be civil but respect works both ways.

How nice that cones and barriers were removed on the North Shore after Iron Man last Saturday, then put back for Sunday race. A kindness appreciated.

If transparency is a goal for our new superintendent, can the public see the first and 20th-day enrollment numbers for 2013 — 2017 by school?

If people cared as much for education as they do for school sports, they would not have to worry about low test scores.

Thanks to the small but loving Relevant Church for sending its entire offering ($5,000) on Sept. 3 to Harvey victims via Red Cross. That's being Jesus!

The more Tennessee coaches Jones/Shoop try to explain their decisions during the Florida game, the more their incompetence shows!

Teachers are not responsible for poor academic gains. Our liberal society is the key to the breakdown of our once "nuclear family."

True southern hospitality: Thanks to the Johnston family for hosting free international polo matches each year at their beautiful Bendabout Farms.

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