The Rant

The Rant

December 30th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

With the cost of expanding federal prison capacity to house Trump's cronies, there will be little money left to fund his border wall.

Obama sends $150 billion to enemy Iran, but Trump can't get $5 billion to put up a wall to protect our border.

To the ranter who thinks it's Obama's policies causing the economic turnaround: news flash. There are no Obama policies. Trump cancelled them all (fortunately).

Now even the 401-K Trumpsters are starting to get a bit nervous. Please, federal lawmakers, save our country and our retirement before it's too late.

If anyone thinks Trump is in touch with reality, they're not paying attention.

The shutdown showdown continues. Who will blink first? I don't think it matters; both sides are complete losers.

So county commissioners kicked the can down the road on a sewage treatment plant. So where's it going to go? NIMBY!

Finally figured out that Democrats care more for immigrants than they do for American citizens. Sad.

An out-of-shape cop can administer a beat-down on a handcuffed man, be taped doing it, and then go to a paid cushy desk job with no retribution? [Editor's note: He is now suspended with pay.]

Unbelievable. CNN has excoriated Michael Flynn for lying. Read that again, slowly.

Corker is running in 2020 against Trump. This RINO-Trump-hater is seen daily selling himself staying in the spotlight, name dropping as he goes.

Why won't the media leave Prince Harry and Meghan alone? Hush about them. Leave them be. Comes with the territory of a superfluous monarchy.

Putting an outflow for a sewer plant upstream of the water intake is idiotic. I don't want to drink anyone's waste. Do you?

Dear Abby, pictures show a round earth, but my (policy-making) gut tells me to avoid the edges. What to do? Confused in D.C., Donald.

Sick of cops covering up. Beating, kicking just normal occurrence, I suppose. Never trust them.

How long is it going to take before someone runs over those bushes in the middle of Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank? Stupid idea.

Why is it that some semi drivers insist on riding the left lane on I-24 when it is clearly marked NO TRUCKS? Perhaps a citation or two?

With 2019 right around the corner, let's resolve to be nicer to one another, more generous to those who could benefit, and more patient all the way around.

FYI, editor, the sun goes down every day, rises the next day. (Even though we haven't seen it lately.) Any other wise advice?

I vote DemocratIc because I'm a conservative! Republicans run a $21 trillion deficit, $639 billion for the military and $50 billion for a wall! Not my party.

Federal government to reimburse farmers $12 billion for losses from Trump trade disputes. Tell us again how trade wars are good, Tariff Man?

Happy New Year to all of the Ranters who make the Rants "must reads" on Sundays. Even if most of you are dead wrong!

With Mattis gone, I fear we might just get to see the real Trump.

Cohen lies about Trump, but too bad Trump's not a Democrat congressman. He could have used the $17 million slush-hush fund for "indiscretions."

This grand experiment with a "disruptor" in charge is wearing us out. How much more can we take?

Sen. Orrin Hatch is retiring. Good riddance to the corruption from Utah. None too soon. He has long outlived any usefulness to the nation.

I like what [Free Press columnist] Ron Hart said about Stormy Daniels paying Trump's legal bills: "He's the only guy who could get a hooker to pay him."

Trump has been banned from running his charity due to ongoing fraud. But he can still run our country?


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