We need to go back to paper ballots. It's the only way to secure our democracy. Doesn't look like Trump's going to protect our vote.

Did the Democrats watch the same speech I saw given by President Trump, or just the parts they wanted to hear, which was nothing?

Our military far outspends any other country. Yet our military claims we are behind. We need better generals, not more spending. Drain the swamp.

Rather than mirroring private schools' schedule, perhaps emulating private schools' approach to reduced class size in math and science would yield better prepared students.

If Trump is innocent, why do he and the Republicans do everything within their power to impede an investigation that could prove his innocence?

Those who still support Trump because of his policies need to understand: If you lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas.

Retired teacher says reading is key to success. Another says it begins in pre-K. HCDE says let's have another meeting. Students say no one cares.

I recently got a handicap placard for medical reasons. I am shocked and angered by the number of people cheating the system.

Come on, Chattanooga, stop littering our streets, roads and highways. Unbelievable everywhere in our beautiful city.

Want changes in education? Get rid of all those who are directing education today.

Washington is no longer a swamp. It's a cesspool.

Two editorials last Sunday on emissions testing — neither stated the percentage of vehicles failing. They've avoided fake facts by offering no facts.

If politics don't work out, Kellyanne Conway can always go into tap dancing!

Combine emissions testing with yearly state vehicle inspections. Bald tires, lack of side mirrors and shattered windshields will kill us long before air pollution does.

If Republicans can't do anything right and Democrats can't do anything right, why do we vote for them?

Upon the election of Trump, the economic prophet Paul Krugman wrote, "We are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight." Wrong again.

Will he or won't he? If Corker decides to run, wow, the GOP primary will be a circus. Get your popcorn now.

To banana Republicans Trump, Ryan, Nunes and Fleischmann, Putin is very pleased with you and your attack on our law enforcement. A former Republican.

Stocks up? It's all Trump. Stocks down? It's all Obama. Just ask Sean Hannity.

Do major networks know their programming is being cut off by local stations that don't know how to get in and out of a commercial?

Times Free Press, can we please go back to newspaper pages that don't roll up from the corners as you try to read them?

Dear UnifiEd: Bryan Johnson and folks on Signal can figure things out. Thanks.

Why can't we all just get along? Take care of yourself, your family, your neighbors, your church, your community. Ignore D.C. nuttiness.

What was Eli Manning thinking when he made those stupid and embarrassing Super Bowl commercials? Obviously not much.

Must be good to be TVA CEO or member of the board these days. They say those aircraft are not a "perk." Uh, yeah they are.

Attorney Jerry Summers scores big win against TBI and blood testing in DUI cases. Well done, Mr. Summers!

YOU KNOW you're brainwashed when Donald Trump and Fox News have you convinced that the FBI are the bad guys and the Russians are the good guys.

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