The Rant

The Rant

July 1st, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Enough already. Democrat, Republican? Who cares? We the American people are the losers because both parties have forgotten that this is the UNITED States of America.

Mr. Trump wants a military space force. He doesn't want to give us health insurance, but he wants a space force.

Democrats have come full circle, from whites-only restaurants to Democrats-only restaurants. You must be so proud.

Marsha Blackburn: proof of the Trump cult.

The Trump administration did not create the "difficult situation." It just made it worse (immigration, economy, health insurance). Oops, it did create the trade war.

If a GOP candidate spoke to 10 people at a Tick Picker's Association Convention, the media and Democrats would bring 400 protesters supporting the ticks.

OK, Chattanooga residents. Watch your back pockets because "water quality" fees are being jacked up. Ouch. When does it stop?

President Trump calls Maxine Waters "Low IQ." I think that's too high. He should readjust it to "No IQ."

In search of the American Dream, immigrants have found themselves in the midst of a nightmare. The "melting pot" has been replaced by a filter.

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ," so long as they are white, middle class, Christian, Northern Europeans.

"Undocumented" immigrants? How about "undocumented" income for tax cheats?

The ones who should be upset are the legal immigrants who did it the correct way and worked hard to get their citizenship.

The people doing the demonstrating and protesting over illegal children separated would be of better service if protesting against killing of babies (abortion).

Hey Trump, why don't you bring the families of victims of mass shootings by Americans to the White House?

Supreme Court decisions will help stop the so-called Blue Wave in November. Just you watch.

I thought our elected officials took an oath to enforce our laws. Apparently it's only the ideas they want to become laws.

Our "narcissist" president recently commuted a life sentence of a black woman. (Oh, and did I mention he's also a racist?)

First Triple Crown winner in three years. Does this mean Justify is not invited to the White House?

Did I just see Rep. Diane Black's TV ad where she is walking and sitting on a train track? Seriously? She should know better!

How dumb do you think we are? If you are running for an elected position, you are a politician.

Erlanger had a chance in North Georgia and blew it. We don't need another hospital war. Figure something else out.

So what school board member Joe Smith is saying is, "It Takes A Village." Why didn't somebody think of that already?

Abolish ICE? Why not abolish the belief everyone is allowed to come into the country?

Clueless Corker needs to put a cork in his big mouth. Let President Trump handle our foreign policy. Big mouth Corker, please go away.

Ya"ll think the old "good ole boy" school system was something, wait till you see what's coming!

East Ridge doesn't need bike lanes. It needs motorized wheelchair lanes.

"Coupon in most Sunday's papers." They are never in the Chattanooga paper.

Thank goodness the TFP publishes insightful and well-crafted columns by Ron Hart after exposing us to your Democratic hack cartoonist.

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