The Rant

The Rant

July 8th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Strike one: Court approves Trump travel ban. Strike two: Fed union dues now optional. Strike three: Trump to nominate Supreme Court justice. Dems, yer out!

At U.S. taxpayers' expense, house all of the illegals at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando and give them unlimited Disney World passes.

Kids at the border are better fed, live in better surroundings, have better health care and are getting more education than with their illegal immigrant parents.

If Alex Ovechkin and the NHL's Washington Capitals receive an invitation to the White House, will the TFP deem that collusion with the Russians?

The young people coming across the southern border are not engineers, scientists, medical personnel or with educations to meet future needs of the U.S.

So all the comments about separating immigrant families being a Democratic law that only Democrats could change were just more lies from our president.

Why no Death Valley as hottest place in the country on the weather page? Not trying to appease the climate deniers are you?

When will folks wake up and see Trump — at Putin's bidding — is destroying all of our alliances with democracies in favor of totalitarians?

Being a conservative today means truth is what fits your views and a narrow-minded tunnel-visioned ideologue unwillingly to compromise or consider others' views.

A genius gets it right the first time. Travel ban: third time. Border family separations: still wrong. Trade war: we're losing.

Our Supreme Court justices are to apply our laws to cases before them for all the people. Not political parties or their own interest.

There are currently no checks and balances in our federal government — a dominate executive, weak legislative, compliant judicial. Aren't you scared?

Heads up to all you politicians running for office: I want to hear what you will do, not what your opponents did.

If you want asylum in this country, you go to a port of entry; not 50 miles from El Paso, Texas.

Well, well. Looks like state House District 26 race just got more interesting. No one looks good in this story.

I long for the days when hate speech was mostly on the AM radio dial. Now it's almost anywhere you turn, led by the POTUS.

Watercolor Window (TFP June 25, page D1): Too bad the young lady on the bus didn't see the possibility of beauty as she stared at her cell phone.

If someone is not aware that a balanced budget is required by the Tennessee Constitution — and not the governor — they do not qualify for your vote.

Less than a week to go before early voting starts. How negative will TV and radio ads get? How long before we tune out?

You always made football time in Tennessee special. Rest in peace, John Ward. All Vols will miss you.

The word 'justice' is invisible to some people's rights.

East Brainerd Times Free Press Sunday paper deliverer: It looks like you must have had another late Saturday night.

Going to the streets is one thing, but voting is more effective.

Trump benefits when his supporters parrot his put-downs of "fake news" (negative about him.) They'll be sorry when the vigilance of the free press is destroyed.

I'm worried about the CTFP, it's getting awfully thin. We need our local paper.

Catholics proclaim the "real presence" of the Lord at their mass and then demonstrate this belief by wearing shorts and picnic apparel to the mass.

Too bad about the city dropping curbside glass recycling. Please take your wine and liquor bottles to the recycling centers now! Do your part.

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