The Rant

The Rant

July 29th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

If you lie enough and long enough, people will begin to believe.

I hope Times Free Press is not paying Patrick McDonnell to publish "Mutts." I read it ever day to see if any of the strips make sense. Only about once a month they do.

Get off your Disney cruises and onto the mission field. Put your money where you think your mouth is. Less talk more action.

It seems those who fight to abort potential Republicans also fight against the law to deport potential Democrats. But it's for the children.

Would Trump be better off if he never spoke or tweeted again? Let his actions speak, not his ill-conceived and unplanned words.

If the Department of Justice and the FBI are engaged in a witch hunt, then Trump has a cauldron and a flying broom hidden away!

Don't tell me the record of your opponents. Tell me what you are going to do for us as governor.

Fools keep doubling, tripling down on smarmy, lying, adulterous crook enriching himself destroying everything we had. We'll say "told ya"-if anyone's left to tell!

Trump bows to Putin, which doesn't say much for his own allegiance to our flag! He needn't worry about football players expressing their views. Typical.

Get the homeless out from under the overpasses and camped near interstates. We are starting to look like Portland and it's not pretty.

Ninety-three degrees with high humidity and you are wearing a sweatshirt with the hoodie up, I will view you with suspicion regardless of race.

Hmmmm, will never know but wonder how much CBL is dolling out to Cheesecake Factory to enter the market ?

Walter Carr, the young man whose car broke down and he set out to walk 20 miles to his first day on the job — you're one of the best of America!

Sorry, can't vote for anyone putting out negative political ads. It's wearing out my mute button.

An individual who votes for any Republican this fall is aiding and abetting treason against the United States.

Dear Lord, please let there be enough intelligent people to vote.

I know little about Bill Lee, so why did I vote for him? The gutter-level attack ads by Black and Boyd. Lesson for all politicians.

Trump Supporters: Would you want a person like Trump (liar, name caller, and other things I wouldn't mention) to be the principal of the high school your kids attend?

For UTC Mocs Football, skip the promotions. Just pay $10.00 at the gate and sit anywhere because no one will be there as usual.

I would vote for a mayor who could bring a CostCo or a Trader Joe's to Chattanooga.

Sunday's TFP article, "Book of Mormon Still Showing Its Heart," should have read: "Book of Mormon Still Filthy and Offensive."

Adulterer in Chief. Quick, Melania, read the pre-nup!

Larry Elder wants congressional hearings of mainstream media over election impact. Fox and the Russians get a pass. Back to the cabin Larry/Tom.

Hope the Dems win and sink into socialism, economic collapse, moral rot, military weakness, educational bankruptcy, and political correctness (nonsense). Maybe that'll teach them.

When it comes to campaign forums, Esther Helton in District 30 usually has someplace else to be. That's all I need to know in determining my vote.

Georgia "the new swing state"? C'mon. Ask Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn how they feel about that term when they were painted all but shoo-ins.

Fake news: Candidates tell NAACP forum VRI is the cause for gentrification and lottery money only goes to charter and magnet schools. Totally false.

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