I have only one question: "Why do we need driverless cars?"

Democrats spend all their time and energy attacking Republicans with unfounded accusations and offer no policies, programs or candidates for November. Same old same.

Now that Speaker Ryan has suggested we "harden" our schools, perhaps he can propose legislation to harden our elections.

So when did President Trump become Emperor Trump? A bit too much power, eh?

I am a conservative, but no longer Republican. I cannot partner with a group that accepts and defends the deceit and perversions of President Trump.

Clinton was impeached for lying about his affair. Trump lies about everything and comes out smelling like a rose. Big difference there, Ranter.

Cherrypicking $1.5 million annual savings from firing White House employees without acknowledging $3 million Mar-a-Lago trip cost to taxpayers, is an obvious refusal to print facts.

Saying foreign countries tried to influence Jarad Kushner is like saying the Patriots tried to beat the Eagles.

Russians who voted against Putin in last week's election need to keep the Poison Control's office phone number on speed dial. Ask the Brits why.

Hey letter-to-the-editor writer: if you're going to quote a shill like Laura Ingraham, why not go all the way and just quote Putin?

Want to know what liberals think of the "regular folks"? Listen to the content for which Hillary and others apologize. That is what they think.

I'm sick of Hillary calling me names. I am not an Islamophobe, a homophobe, nor a racist.

Politicians funded the bridge that collapsed causing another mass killing in Florida. It's time for better politician control, background checks, and blaming the NRA.

Thank you SMMHS for the thoughtful way you handled the March "walkout." Students felt included and also safe. Go Eagles.

About the Facebook data witch hunt, what illegal data did the Democrats use?

Why is the Ed Johnson Memorial being designed to be a constant reminder of a cruel injustice while others are being taken down?

History Channel program wisdom: "A picture is worth 1,000 words; a symbol is worth 1,000 pictures." A statue is a symbol. Thousands of pictures glorify.

The Tennessee Legislature failed to denounce neo-Nazism, white nationalism and the alt-right as terrorist organizations. Maybe lawmakers will vote to invite them to Tennessee.

I really enjoy Ron Hart's column. I find him very humorous and insightful. He peels back hypocrisy and makes us laugh at it.

Cleaning up corruption is the only way to save college basketball. The Bluegrass State would be the best place for the Feds to start.

Good on Walmart, Food City and others for accepting plastic bags for recycling when our recycling centers have shamefully decided not to anymore.

What is the justification for a CPD officer going 80 mph to catch a speeder who was going 70 mph on the Olgiati Bridge? Public safety?

Cars were not invented to kill people. Knives were not invented to kill people. To use them in your gun argument is a false equation.

You can have guns, and love guns and still want gun control because you don't want kids murdered in school, or anywhere.

I really wish some of the wage growth trumpeted nationwide was happening around here. No raises for 10 years. Getting old.

As Republican Sen. John McCain said, "An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections." Trump did just that, showing us all to whom HE is loyal.

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