The Rant

The Rant

May 27th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Beautiful, talented young woman marries prince. With articles focused on her race origins, it's no wonder racism stays in the forefront. It just doesn't matter!

A president who lies repeatedly, publicly mocks a handicapped reporter, throws tantrums in the Oval Office, fires his Secretary of State by tweet? Not normal.

Trump says MS3 gangsters are animals. Headlines of GMA says Trump says illegals are animals. Bias press and another witch-hunt.

Yanny or Laurel? OK, which one is the Democrat and which is the Republican?

No one needs to frame Trump. Here, just pass him one more nail.

The economy is good and unemployment down. It doesn't matter how corrupt and crooked Trump is, or how he tramples the Constitution. All is good.

Eighty-two percent of young Republicans (18-24) reject Trump's policies. Maybe the GOP should listen.

Recognize it for what it is, the GOP is no longer the Grand Old Party, it's the party of Guns Over People.

Some Christians who pray for godly leadership on Sunday praise Trump on Monday because guns are in, immigrants are out and investments are growing.

Watch "Rant" Paul scream no about the CIA nominee before he caves and votes for confirmation. So predictable.

The big deficit-spending Republicans, and those that support them, who claim to be conservatives, are offensive to true conservatives.

Thank you, POTUS, for standing up to China and improving our trade deficit. Yet another victory for American workers.

Sufficiently polarized people don't have their own opinions. Thirty-five percent of Americans still backed Joe McCarthy after he was disgraced for demagoguery and lying.

Thank you, Ironman, for shedding a light on prostate cancer. As a patient I appreciate the support and awareness. We must cure all cancers.

What we really need is a Trader Joe's or a larger Fresh Market, or even a Wegmans, not another Publix.

Story on Parker Davis: Well, Mr. Davis, change your way of thinking because Parker is going to the top. Thank you, Parker, for making my day.

Too many people are being exonerated after spending decades in prison. How come bad cops and prosecutors don't go to prison for concealing evidence?

Majority rules — The National Popular Vote movement is growing. Ten states already passed it.

Hillary Clinton says she is not over her loss. We certainly are.

I didn't think the inflatable slide, sponsored by the Chickamauga Lions Club and shaped like the sinking Titanic, was funny or in good taste; 1,503 people died.

A bike lane and no parking on Frazier would be more useful. Riding bikes on the sidewalk is not safe for walkers.

To every idiot with a driver's license who doesn't understand the concept of "Slower Traffic Keep Right." It means move over!

Such adulation for the royal family, each of whose greatest accomplishment is being a member of the the lucky sperm club.

Very annoying and disgusting having to look at regular Nightfall foolish dancer(s) who can't dance and ruin viewing the band for everyone. Security, please!

If only Steph Curry's mom were the language czar.

Kudos to the Chattanooga Public Works Dept. for paving Igou Gap Road, and more especially Franks Road, which was terrible. Thank you!

A Congress has raised the minimum wage only once in the last 18 years but raised its own salaries nine times. Shame!

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