The Rant

The Rant

November 18th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

"No Trucks This Lane," painted several places in the left lane of I-24 between I-75 and downtown has worked wonderfully. Thanks to who got that done.

I have found an alternative to the 24/7 Trump travesties: 106.9 Christmas music. Aaah!

Six people in 10 say they're better off financially than in 2017, up from five in 10 a year ago. The president must be doing something right.

Democrats have yet to articulate what they will do — about anything. Trump supporters have legitimate concerns that cannot be ignored.

Congressional oversight is the necessary maintenance of a healthy democracy. Trump takes it personally and threatens vengeance once again, putting self over country.

History repeats itself. Could all the disasters happening in California be another Sodom and Gomorrah? Something is happening there that just can't be explained.

Now that the midterm elections are over, how come the liberal media hasn't shown anything about the immigration march from Mexico?

If you love what President Trump has accomplished for the country, root for Democrats to treat him so badly he becomes a martyr.

Surprised we haven't heard yet that Justice Ginsburg's fall came after President Trump pushed her. It would fit with the rest of what's out there.

Mid-term elections over. Time for hate speech 2.0. Get out there and accomplish nothing, again.

Pelosi is against building a border wall because she says they don't work, yet she has a wall around her mansion. Hypocrite? You bet!

We need these political ads on every day of the year so people can truly see how America really is. Fact.

"We just picked another one up!" Comment made by MSNBC during Tuesday's election coverage. Should have said "Another win goes to the Democrats." Totally biased.

You'd think during President Trump's rally here he would have mentioned Chattanooga and thanked the local effort. Perhaps he doesn't know how to pronounce Chattanooga.

A presidential wife's memoir that spends time on her husband's successor? Try to have a better day, Michelle.

"Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything." — Joseph Stalin

What right does Jim Acosta think allows him to keep a White House microphone and continue talking? Good for Trump!

Yes, there was a blue wave, but there also was a red ripple. Divided government has its benefits. No steamrolling from either side.

If you don't like trucks on our interstates, quit buying stuff.

Which skinny legislator mandated that calories must be indicated on all fast food menu boards?

Thanks to candidates who have picked up their campaign (litter) signs. Some of you still have a lot of work to do!

Isn't it time for Congress to ask for more money in the form of a pay raise?

It is not open borders; it's open your wallet.

I'm more afraid of white men with guns than "invaders" from Central America.

Come on Hamilton County commissioners. Ditch discretionary funding. It's so obvious what you are trying to do. Just stop.

I hope the vindictive Democrats don't open any more taxpayer money-pit investigations like the two-year Russian probe.

David Cook, these are the issues of why we vote GOP: pro-life for the unborn, constitutionalist judges and lawful immigration.

Even though I live in a red state, at least I have Clay Bennett to ease the pain!

An amazing sight Tuesday morning: A speeder was actually pulled over on Signal Mountain Road.

Social media will destroy this country long before climate change does.

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