The Rant

The Rant

October 21st, 2018 in Opinion Rants

I am stumped. Why must we beg people to vote? Isn't it our duty as American citizens living in a free country?

Unpredictable trade wars create market uncertainties and are destabilizing. That's why stocks are down so much.

GOP message to women: Suck it up, baby! We white males are in charge.

Abuse of a woman or abuse of a man is wrong. Both Dr. Blasey Ford and Justice Brett Kavanaugh were abused by the Democratic Party.

Based on what the Democrats want to impeach the president on, there isn't a politician in Washington who could escape charges.

Fish rot from the head down. Trump is the head and Republicans — with their new acceptance of immorality and constant lying — make up the body.

Of course, Melania Trump, we believe that you are the most bullied person anywhere. You brought it on yourself. Just look who you are married to.

Hillary and Bill Clinton will never be able to tell more lies than Mr. Trump.

After Kanye's visit on Thursday, can this president possibly debase the Oval Office any further? Do we want to see that?

Trump's selfish tax cuts for rich made deficit higher than under Obama, who spent to reverse recession. Rich don't pay taxes. Debt is ours.

No matter what Ron Hart says, President Trump will never look like a class act.

If Hillary Clinton can't remember Benghazi details less than a year after they happened, how should anyone remember details from 35 years ago?

If The Wall is actually built, where do I sign up for a section to paint graffiti on? Or will that be first-come, first-served?

Bredesen deserves to win the election based upon his exemplary record as Nashville mayor and governor of Tennessee. He's more of an Independent than a Democrat.

Time to change the Democrat mascot from an ass to the more appropriate pig. They wallow in their own filth.

Sad day for Tennesseans when 16-year congresswoman in debate talks about how bad other party is instead of answering important questions. Typical Washington.

Bredesen will be a reliable vote for the Ds. Look ahead, folks, to what's coming in 2020.

I hope local TV staff are getting big fat raises this year from the millions and millions being made on political advertising.

All this outside money for Blackburn ads against Phil Bredesen somebody must be really worried.

If you stand for the flag but don't stand up for the rights it symbolizes, your patriotism is tin, not gold.

To ranter who said "I would never hire another woman," not sure why you are no longer a manager, but I am happy you're not.

Mainstream media commentary: Taylor Swift endorses Democrats — great. Kanye West endorses Trump — bad. Hypocrisy much?

I think if you ask most Tennesseans, they would say that having affordable health care is on their minds much more often then stopping sex trafficking.

UTC is a community school. Football unimportant. No stadium of any size needed.

With Finley Stadium operating in the black, the management should be able to hire someone to clean the bird droppings off the seats. Yuck.

I wonder if Jay Greeson's blanket condemnation of the Catholic church would ever be matched by a blanket condemnation of some Protestant denomination, say Baptist?

Captain D's: an example of corporate care for the environment by using washable plates, stainless steel silverware, and paper cups. Less Styrofoam and plastic in landfills.

Just back from Quebec Province in Canada. No litter anywhere. Flowers everywhere. What's wrong with us? Please take some pride. Pick it up.


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