The Rant

The Rant

October 28th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Social Security is NOT an entitlement! We worked and contributed to it (not by choice, but law).

The Democratic party is an anti-God party. Remember Democrats booed and rejected God out of their convention platform. Reject them at the polls.

We're not an "angry mob," we're "angry moms" because you're gutting education, health care, Social Security. The list goes on.

Health insurance companies can only pay out in benefits what they collect in premiums. No free lunch!

Single illegal immigrants reportedly receive about $2,000 per month in welfare while in the USA. I'm thinking of denouncing my citizenship.

Negative political advertising: For example, a Bredesen attack ad has so obviously been edited to make it look like he said things that he didn't.

If you think the government knows how to spend your money better than you do, then vote for a Democrat.

Just wondering how Phil Bredesen was able to serve eight years as Tennessee governor when viewing Blackburn's countless negative, despicable ads?

If you are as unhappy with our current government as I am, do the most effective thing you can do: Vote!

Project Veritas is a fraudulent organization claiming to be journalists. Look it up and get smart, people!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. What else besides illegal immigration, ending sanctuary cities and building a wall? What about education, the economy or the environment?

The more Bill Lee opens his mouth, the bigger trouble he gets in. He doesn't know specifically what he will do or propose. Yikes.

Trump refers to journalists as enemies of the people. Then they're murdered and Trump participates in the cover-up. Typical Republican response.

Chattanooga tries to be so progressive yet they still elect Republican representatives and senators.

How many weeks out of the year do students attend, and teachers teach, a full week of school?

People driving off Signal Mountain onto Roberts Mills Road in the Falling Water community should slow down (25 mph to 35 mph). Obey the law.

Wake up, people. Illegals are pouring into this country, and the American taxpayer is footing the bill to support them. Enough is enough.

Republicans win; Trump the "mad mocker' is very happy and proud of his top toadies — Mitch, Orrin, Lindsey the lunatic, and Chuckie. Keg party at Brett's!

Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: At least Stormy Daniels got paid.

The Democrat supports baby killing, and the Republican is a drug runner for profit. And you want me to vote? Or cut my throat?

TFP, I can proofread for you. Pumpkins that were picked, not was picked. Call me.

I refuse to watch The Conners without Roseanne.

Do you think football fans care about what rich, egotistical celebrities boycott the Super Bowl? No.

How can anyone in their right mind be proud to be a Democrat?

Trump is full of ideas, like the 400-pound man who hacked our elections (not Russia), or a rogue agent who killed Khashoggi. He's a real genius.

If you ever injected truth into politics, you would have no politics. Will Rogers (Amen).

Trump's cruelty and incompetence are recorded for historians, not recognized by delusional Republicans in denial.

Evangelicals have helped make our country more conservative by supporting Trump. What do we now do with our dealmaker, the Devil?

Folks, that sewage plant is going to go somewhere. We need it to grow. This was not a secret.

THE HOLOCAUST was legal. Slavery was legal. Segregation was legal. Legality is not a guide for morality.

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