The Rant

The Rant

September 23rd, 2018 in Opinion Rants

Don't let election laws meant to deter you from voting keep you from casting your ballot. It's your right as an American.

What are we teaching in high school government classes when so few young people vote?

My gosh! What did Kavanaugh do in preschool? Democrats are grasping at straws. Don't show your ignorance.

Local developers and "planners" might visit Ellicott City, Maryland: common sense disregarded, greedy overdevelopment, natural drainage eliminated, repeated catastrophic flooding. When will we ever learn?

Ruby Falls: Spends $20 million-plus on improvements but nothing for a pedestrian bridge that would be aesthetically pleasing, provide safety and help relieve traffic congestion.

Every Sunday when I open the newspaper, I feel thankful for Clay Bennett and David Cook.

About your political cartoon Monday ("No means No"). Democrats haven't changed in 200 years. Give him a fair trial and hang him.

Okay! If we can't get LED lights on the pedestrian bridge, please replace the blown light bulbs. Whose job is it?

To keep your money local, Soddy-Daisy people should donate to Soddy-Daisy Food Bank and Northside Neighborhood House.

I guess Kaepernick, NFL, Lebron and Nike were taking a knee during the looting in North Carolina. Sad!

Two words to remind of the plight of Trump's Supreme Court nominee: Justice Garland.

Wonder how many "patriots" upset with Kaepernick's stance set down their beers and get off their recliners when the national anthem is played?

Do these huge federal deficits only matter when Democrats are in office?

The Vols were still in their Nike uniforms on Saturday. I thought Bo Watson was taking care of that. The election is coming. Bo knows!

If you were pawed and clawed in high school so that it was life changing, you would remember every detail. Unless you were drinking, too.

Twenty-three percent increase in the national debt this year to $21 trillion. I thought Republicans were deficit hawks. What happened?

Never has a sitting president criticized so openly the work of past presidents. Why do the Republicans admire this classless lowlife?

Democrats complain that it's Obama's policies causing the economic turnaround and he doesn't get credit. Democrats complain because Trump canceled Obama's policies. Democrats complain. Constantly.

Blackburn's ad says Bredesen believes "tax cuts are immoral." Giving more tax breaks to the extremely wealthy is what he believes is immoral, NOT tax cuts for those who actually need them.

GOP values: Sen. Watson wants to punish Nike over kneeling athletes and Rep. Blackburn agonizes over Trump's impeachment. Wow! And we pay for this!

Tennessee law requires a balanced budget. No one candidate does it on their own accord. No bragging rights here.

From the way she whines, Robin Smith is Chattanooga's own version of Donald Trump.

Blackburn has twice declined an invitation to debate Bredesen. If she is afraid to debate she is not qualified to be in the Senate.

A vote for Blackburn is a vote for America while a vote for Bredesen is a vote against America.

If we had spent $6.5 billion a year for 17 years on schools and health care in Afghanistan rather than on military assistance, where would that country be?

With Social Security and Medicare heading toward bankruptcy, our president fixates on Puerto Rico casualty numbers, which threaten his hurricane-sized ego.

Slavery was not socialism; it was capitalism without morality. Current examples of socialism are Medicare and Social Security.

Irresponsible "blown away" Subway commercial: Do this in a reputable shop and "you're fired."


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