The Rant

The Rant

September 30th, 2018 in Opinion Rants

I remember everything I did in college ... except when I was drunk.

America is going down hard. Why? Country is divided.

What does Trump have in common with morality and justice? Based on his personal life, nothing at all.

Don't be fooled by Congresswoman Blackburn's ads on Phil Bredesen. Those people in the ads attacking Bredesen aren't good Tennesseans. They are paid actors.

The reason there are more "liberal" college professors than "conservatives" is that liberals are more altruistic and socially conscious.

There should be a law that if you are not at fault in an auto accident, your rates cannot go up.

Don't be fooled by full parking lot on rainy days at Shallowford post office. It's employees parking in customer spots. Fits their customer service mentality.

Mike Luckovich's cartoon last Monday (The Chattanooga Times, page B4) was in very poor taste.

Econ 101 defines SOC and Medicare as defined benefit plans participants pay into. Today's reverse socialism has the bottom 90 percent contributing to the top 1 percent.

Mitch McConnell waited 10 months denying Merrick Garland the opportunity to interview for the Supreme Court, but Kavanaugh must be confirmed NOW! Why the rush?

Republicans can't cry foul. If politics were not part of the Supreme Court nomination, Merrick Garland, President Obama's nomination, would be on the bench today.

Seriously, Pam [Sohn]? Hillary lost because Russia colluded with the NRA? What about the Cub Scouts? And amateur astronomers? Stamp collectors? Chiropractors? Maybe they colluded, too.

Today we have justice and social justice; one is legal; the other is theatrical.

Republicans and Democrats proclaim "we will correct all these problems when we are elected to power." Never does happen.

Hey, you can say you're voting Republican to save Trump, but vote Democratic to save your country. Nobody will know.

Larry Elder's recent Sunday Free Press opinion column on Nike and Kaepernick absolutely nailed it and separated fact from fiction on the issues. Kudos, Mr. Elder.

You could print a whole section in the Times Free Press on the content of commercials in one network TV movie.

Stop driving recklessly in traffic roundabouts. Speed limit is 20 mph. Don't change lanes on solid line. When cars are already in the circle, "yield" means STOP.

If you park in a handicapped spot, you should have a placard. Then, you can hop out of your fancy mobile and run in Walmart.

How many political figures who are so anxious to accuse someone else for something would agree to have their own teenage antics investigated?

Only trashy people throw trash in other people's yards.

Can nothing be done to curb the increase of graffiti on our bridges and highway abutments?

How is it that the Tennessee Volunteers are "building every year" while Alabama and Georgia have good teams every year? Scam.

Mocs beat in-conference 17th-ranked Samford; move to 4-0. Vols lay egg against Florida. Yet who got the lead coverage the next day?

Anyone led by the nose into not watching pro football by a politically motivated, draft-dodging coward needs to read the First Amendment.

Your vote cancels my vote. Express yourself this November.

Taxpayers are sick and tired of subsidizing real estate developers and private businesses. "Lookout" for the next one.

OBSERVATION: I've personally never heard one person ridicule ANY men for coming forward with allegations about Catholic priest molestation after 35 years. Not. Even. One.


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