The Rant

The Rant

April 14th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

If you want your health care plan run like the post office, vote Democrat. Poor customer service, huge operating deficit, unfunded pensions. Slow, slow.

Mocking. Belittling. Name-calling. Exaggerated putdowns. Displays of total disrespect and bullying. Be proud, America! "Be Best." Mrs. Trump, talk to your husband.

If Joe Biden offended these women so much why was a knee to the privates never applied? My daughter would. Politically motivated smear.

Where does Trump fit on the presidential sleaze factor list? Many church-goers just don't care.

A long time Democrat friend just told me, " I wish I could vote for someone and not against someone."

There are more people "Acting" in the Trump administration than in Hollywood.

The reunion of former Trump appointees was canceled for safety reasons. The crowd has grown beyond the capacity of the prison cafeteria.

What's the big hurry, Democrats? We waited two years for the report.

I am amazed to see President Trump rail against chain migration, seeing as how that's how his in-laws got here.

How many Democratic congressmen are actually going to read the entire Mueller report or have their staff read it and tell them what they want to hear?

Maintaining we're Trump town is like saying " we're under-educated, low I.Q. lovers of lying, draft-dodging cowardice and sexual assault bragging." Not me.

Why do drug companies advertise on the tube 24/7 for products you can't buy without a prescription? Don't advertise — lower the price.

Remember when dignity was an assumed characteristic of the presidency?

I would urge all voters not to support a candidate, whether Democrat or Republican, who would not release his or her tax returns.

Mexicans are stealing the concertina wire from the wall. They are tweeting, "I'm building a wall around my house and Trump is paying for it."

They shouldn't be building these bridges that have only four inches of clearance.

The measure of a man can be taken on the golf course, Mr. Trump. If you cheat in golf, you're probably a cheater in life.

Climate change? Whom do you trust; Trump and Paul Barys and 3% of the world's scientists, or the other 97% of top scientists?

Why are roads in Catoosa County so much better than in Hamilton County?

Mayors Coppinger and Berke, please drive the two miles of Graysville Road you're responsible for and come up with a plan.

If the ship is sinking, plug the hole first. Is that too complicated for the anti-wall crowd?

Voting age, unless in the military, should be 21. Kids today know nothing. They haven't lived yet.

We have only one problem; too many people. We must promote birth control around the world.

They can't ban Styrofoam and plastic bags.We would lose our title of "Tennessee Trash."

Is it really a talk show if the host tells callers to shut up, calls them stupid rednecks and hangs up?

Parents who allow abortions, and "doctors" who perform them, will find out in hell what God thinks of killing his tiny, innocent image bearers. Think adoption.

Had Hillary won without the popular vote, we wouldn't have this nonstop, hypocritical harangue about how horrible the Electoral College is. The GOP understands the rules.

Reparations? No living American owned slaves. No living American was a slave. Why should one group feel the other group owes them something? Try greed.

Thankfully, our city and county governments have pizza and dogs to discuss. We wouldn't want people to think they weren't tackling the big issues.

Methinks there's a reason VW is neutral this time on a union election. They don't need to invite more trouble after the emissions scandal.

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