I will use plastic straws, male/female pronouns, exit deplorable basket to attend church, keep my guns, skip ACA and vote Trump. Just watch.

Who do these words describe: liar, bully, egotist, moron, arrogant? Your doctor, lawyer, mayor, boss or president?

Welcome to a BID downtown. Let's see how quickly we and tourists see the results. Now about those empty storefronts ...

Those people who call the president a racist or liar should explain why rather than just throwing something out there.

Someone wrote in that all Trump supporters are racists and Pharisees. Golly, I wonder if he is a Baptist, the most judgmental people extant.

Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy add $500-plus billion to our national debt. He estimates cutting food support for the poorest of Americans will save $2.5 billion per year.

"Moscow" Mitch McConnell refuses to let the Senate consider bills protecting our elections. He must believe he and his president can't win without Russian help this time.

If Trump is revolt against politicians, why do Dems think it only applies to Republicans in office? They didn't see it coming, but hold on.

The Democratic Party served another Nothing Burger (Mueller). Maybe they should just call themselves the Nothing Burger Party!

Doesn't good governance include not slamming your citizens with a big tax hike all at once?

On the day Pelosi was banned from House floor, it never came up on Google search for same. Humm ... only conservative news source carried it.

Quick: Name two people who don't believe Russia is interfering with our elections. Moscow Mitch and Truthless Trump."

Don't be surprised when the Republican Party collapses because it has no backbone. When will Republicans honor the oath they swore to the American people?

Leaders are models for their countries. A Banana Republic president would sport a distinctive tan, obey only those laws he likes, and wear a banana looking hairpiece.

Bernie Maddoff asked President Trump to reduce his 150-year sentence. In all fairness, his sentence should have been 75 years without parole.

Long story short: You want governmental services, taxes go up. But you can live without certain governmental services, taxes go up.

The "squad" is a figment of their own imagination. No votes, no support; just chatter and Twitter. Empty suits looking for a green deal.

The DNC computer was "hacked" by the Russians and the DNC/Hillary paid Russians for a fake "dossier." Who really colluded with the Russians?

You are presumed innocent, only declared guilty/not guilty, never innocent. Same for exoneration. Don't be fooled by Dems. They accuse and tout the impossible.

Before we give Robert Mueller any sympathy, maybe we should consult Paul Manafort and his other victims.

CARTA to get all-electric buses but not without $2.2 million from feds. When will green energy stop needing to be subsidized?

Can't wait to hear the arguments about why Brainerd High (55% utilization) and Dalewood Middle (52% utilization) must stay.

Buried in recent Hank Hill/TVA story in TFP: Snail darters were never endangered, just elsewhere. Thanks, Don Quixote!

In Tennessee, we like to torture horses.

I just canceled my Sports Illustrated magazine. Purple hair doesn't stand for America.

So we got a little gang war going on in one part of town, and rogue children brandishing guns in another part of town. Great end to summer.

I know you got a grant (bribe) to publish more articles on religion, but it's getting ridiculous. Some of your readers would rather see more regular news stories.

TFP cartoonist Clay Bennett is the best. So well stated with his Red and Blue hats. No wonder he constantly gets awards.

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