OMG! We have "learning designers" in schools now? This is crazy. What is happening to us? Teachers, folks, they are teachers.

When we take God out of a country, the result is violence. Just check out Judges in the Bible!

In 2016's presidential election popular vote, Clinton received 65.8 million votes to Trump's 62.9 million. How's that working out for us, Electoral College?

Since Republicans don't mind Russian help in our elections, maybe China would help out us Democrats? Seems they'd benefit from getting Trump out!

Trump now says "the mentally ill shouldn't have guns." In his first month in office, he rolled back a regulation that blocked their access to guns.

Tell me again why we start the school year in early August instead of after Labor Day like we did years ago?

Government systems: oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, democracy. Economic systems: capitalism, socialism, communism, mixed. U.S.= democracy/mixed economic system. Russia = oligarchy/socialist or mixed. Get terms right!

Let me get this straight: Fervent gun rights supporters belong to the same party that wants to eliminate abortion? Uhhhh ... this makes my head hurt.

Finally a real choice: good vs evil, Main Street vs Wall Street, right vs greed, Sanders/Warren vs Trump/Pence.

If President Trump said "It's raining outside," the Democrats would complain that he did not say it correctly. We are tired of the Democrats criticizing everything the POTUS does or says.

Trump's criticism of "The Squad" was not criticism of their race — it was criticizing their political views. He is not a racist!

Trump has finally denounced racism and white supremacy ... at least until his next rally.

You are a racist if you want a: wall, tax cut, guns, limited food stamps, work requirements. Sounds perfectly sensible and sound. Call me one.

Trump did not win without black, Hispanic, female and gay conservative voters. Are they all racists and sexists too?

Trump calling Kim a friend with a great and beautiful vision for his country is enough reason to defeat him in 2020. Wake up, people.

Would you rather be a child in a border cage with clean clothes, food, water or a child in Baltimore with rats, drugs, crime, poor schools?

Who is to blame? Hate-filled social media, mental illness, members of Congress beholden to NRA who will not pass sensible gun control laws. All!

Using the term "racist" in abundance only makes the term moot sooner or later.

Except for Republicans, it should be obvious to everyone that Trump is a narcissistic, mentally ill, pathological liar willing to sell out the country to satisfy his ego.

Today all U.S. citizens are the most privileged to ever live in this world. Some must face greater adversity; it builds character. Embrace it.

The Dems want the government to be your daddy. The Republicans insist your daddy get a job and take care of his own children.

Tell me again how a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.

The internet doesn't have borders. Other countries have access to violent video games and they don't have 250 mass killings in eight months.

If you need a semi-automatic to hunt deer with, then you must not be very good at it and should find a new hobby.

Get real Trump, Hispanics are not a threat. Americans are killing Americans in mass shootings every week and more, there's your threat.

Waist deep grass is for fields, not for growing through the cracks of the Hixson Pike sidewalk. It's a real eyesore.

Proverbs 6:12-19: God hates "a false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among brethren." Do Trump evangelists ever read the Bible?

Poor white Jay Greeson doesn't feel unified for a few moments. Now he knows how most blacks feel all their life.

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