Haters generating mass murders have only one ideology — hate; everything else is an excuse.

Dems want to forgive student debt, have universal basic income, Medicare for all, including illegals, and free college tuition. Anything left they can give away?

I'm a Democrat, but I respect your absolute right to worship at Trump's feet.

Biden says "poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids." Where is the outrage? If Trump said that, it would be on every news station in the country.

I'm tired of Trump's successes: Trade wars costing me more every month; farmers having to sell farms; our border disaster; North Korea's ongoing missile testing.

Dems promise to forgive all student loans, obviously in exchange for their votes. Cancel all my debts, and I'll vote for ya, too, wink wink!

Qualities we look for in our president: leadership, high morals, compassion, stability, intelligence, dignity, truthfulness, ability to unite, sound decision making. Still looking.

Seem like the Dems have their heads in the sand. They don't realize what Trump has done for America.

Bernie says he will legalize marijuana with an executive order, but you have to share your stash, no plastic bongs and no gas fueled lighters.

How do you walk 2,000 miles through Mexico without food, support; get to U.S. 100 pounds overweight and have a cell phone? Just wondering

For the U.S president to describe the communication he received from Kim Jong-un as a beautiful letter is nothing short of treason.

Jeffrey Epstein killed his body but could not kill his soul. Justice is now being administered.

Evangelicals have a choice between politics and Christian values. They've chosen politics.

I wonder if Hong Kong would opt to rejoin that "awful," "racist," colonial empire, the UK. You know they would.

Trump is inciting a civil war with his malicious words, actions and loving every minute of attention and control he gets. Vote him out!

U.S. Army Sgt. Charles Coolidge of Signal Mountain earned a Medal of Honor for killing Germans in 1944. And the Volunteer State, of all places, is just now honoring him at his age, 98?

Now class, repeat with me the four branches of government in our country — executive, legislative, judicial, NRA. Very good, class.

White privilege and racism: Obviously, at least one school board member and several complaining teachers need further in-service on this subject.

What part of drive right, pass left, and don't cross the yellow line do drivers not understand. Learn how to drive, people.

I am a veteran of three wars: Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. I believe Colin Kaepernick deserves a second chance in the NFL.

Realtors stop! No, I don't want to sell my homes, my vacant property, to you. This is constant, annoying junk mail.

As usual, Rhonda [Thurman] is trying to make this bias conversation controversial since it offends her narrow, biased mind.

If you drive your convertible with the top down and side windows up, a minivan with a sunroof is probably more your style.

I'm white and drove a year with an expired tag. Never stopped. My friend, black, afraid to drive with her drive-out tag, is followed and stopped.

Would President Trump be designated a dictator if he used executive orders imposing a balanced budget and term limits for Congress?

Jay Greeson wants lying PanAm athletes to be kicked off their teams. I agree. Why doesn't he feel the same way about Trump?

Does Congress value citizens' lives more than gun sales? If so why do they restrict the CDC's research on violent deaths to not mention guns?

Let's all grieve. Let's all pray for empathy. Let's all pray for healing. Then let's all tell Congress: Ban assault weapons now.

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