"Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition" (Frank Loesser). Two editorials — TWO! — not trashing Trump! (Aug. 17 editorial pages). I'm taking my bed, now.

The Electoral College is good for Tennessee. Who wants California, New York, and Florida deciding our next president? Just look at their liberal messes.

So the reason Trump lies, cheats, bullies, is arrogant and rotten is because he's a brash New Yorker as per one reader's letter. How stupid.

White privilege does not elect a black president, choose a black Supreme Court justice, pay black athletes millions. School administration has egg on its face. Blacks have family issues.

Trump cheats on his wives, in his businesses, in golf, and on the American people. He's the Cheater in Chief.

Trump mocked a protester for being overweight. This, true to form, is projection at its best.

Wonder what Trump would say if Denmark asked to buy Hawaii or Puerto Rico? He'd probably sell Puerto Rico.

Democrats say there is going to be a recession. Where's their proof? Talk is cheap. Fake news!

Recession is not a word that we want to hear, but unless we have some changes, it will be a reality.

Since Trump's economy is doing so well, the Democrats and liberal media have to dream up fake news about a recession.

Would you rather have a chairman and 12-member board supported by a cadre of dedicated technicians deciding the interest rates, or one wannabe tweeter?

When Trump said, "Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money," he meant his friends at Mar-a-Lago.

"Where in the world is Matt Lauer?" MIA. Not so Trump, even though sexual allegations against him are more numerous and extremely credible.

The Democrats should throw all of their candidates out and start over.

Dems: Name one bill that you have passed for the average working American since you took the House. What is your platform for 2020?

From the TFP's photo, it looks as if state Sen. Mike Bell is a man. Why would he have any say at all about a woman's reproductive choices?

To the one-of-kind letter to the editor: Venezuela is the place for you. The USA is one of a kind. The best. Bye.

You relied on Facebook and Twitter for information in the last election, and where did it get you ? What are you going to use in 2020 ?

Popular worldwide, Kinder Surprise candy eggs, with a toy in the middle, are banned in U.S. as a health hazard, but assault rifles aren't.

What's worse, paying deputies to keep guns out, or just learning five months after the fact that a juvenile judge discharged his weapon inside the building?

Concerning all the mass shootings, when is someone finally going to address the elephant in the room — lack of parental guidance?

No one ever ran for their lives or ducked for cover because someone yelled "Video Game! Video Game!"

You want to talk about slavery, talk about child sex trafficking in the U.S. Look forward, not backwards. We can change the future. And must.

Doesn't all the fuss over the teacher professional development training which addressed bias prove it is needed? Please send [school] board members and reporters to the next one!

Way to go Rhonda! You represent our district well! We need more board members like you.

When is EPB going to provide Newsmax TV to its customers? Hate to change but there is Newsmax on Comcast if EPB cannot.

UT best oxymoron; beer, wine sales and committed to safe, family-friendly atmosphere. Lol.

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