If you think Trump is guilty by accusation, get ready. Innocent until proven guilty. Nope. Due process. Nope. Confront your accuser. Nope. You are next.

Republicans continue to do Putin's dirty work by promoting the long debunked theory about Hunter Biden. See Pam Sohn's excellent editorial about Fiona Hill.

If you haven't heard of narcissistic victim syndrome, Google it. It's what our country has been suffering from since Jan. 20, 2017.

So, Dems think food stamps should be permanent regardless of job options, low unemployment rate. Perpetual dependence gets votes. Destroys families.

We are now three parties: far left, middle left and Republicans. There is a wide middle population waiting for an excellent candidate. He or she would clean up.

Nixon obstructed justice. Guilty. Clinton committed 11 felonies. Guilty. Trump drains Washington swamp. Guilty of exposing truth, winning election. Not impeachable. Says the law.

After the disastrous Bush administration, Republicans tell us the Obama economic renaissance had to be endured. Are they that stupid, or just think we are?

As elections near, some editors appear fearful of offending fact-challenged, willfully ignorant, mostly undereducated as well as the greedy tax cut beneficiaries, with Trump-world truth.

President Trump is the best president America has had in two decades. America first. That's why the globalists, socialists and their controlled media hate him.

Democrats are such powerful debaters. Did you see that woman verbally obliterate 13-year-old Barron Trump (while he was not in the room)?

Do you think when the next Democrat is elected president that Republicans will not start impeachment proceedings on Jan. 21? You reap what you sow.

The only thing I gained in the impeachment investigations/inquiries/whatevers is that President Trump does not act like former presidents.

France is laughing at Trump, to the glee of MSNBC. Rachel Maddow and Macron should go to the Normandy cemetery and really crack up.

Allegedly Putin is among the richest men in the world, maybe the richest. I believe that's why Trump reveres him. Trump loves money, not God.

For the 100th time, the Democratic-controlled House passes legislation. The Republican-controlled Senate, led by "Moscow Mitch," is sitting on 275 bills! Civics, people.

So Tennessee killed a blind man in its electric chair tonight — what a Christian way to celebrate Advent — a shameful way.

Why all the news about Lee Hall and him being blind? Oh my! Tell about the life of Tracie Crozier, the girl he torched inside the car and the family she left behind!

You can't be for the death penalty and then be against abortion.

Quid pro quo: Give every member of Congress having served more than two terms $1 billion with the promise of never returning to Washington, D.C .

If the goal for waterfront is making it "livable, walkable and comfortable," then quit gating it and blocking local resident access. And provide some parking.

Come to the exciting Davidson Road Pothole and Patch Derby. Watch skillful drivers weaving over both lanes to avoid damage to their suspension and tires.

Walker County needs to repave Mission Ridge Road and repaint the lines.

Can't your newspaper come up with more than $25 for the student winner of the wrapping paper design contest? Crayons and paper cost money.

To trying to be funny [Clay] Bennett: Try again. Never happen.


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