Tennessee did not kill a blind man in the electric chair. He killed himself when he burned an innocent woman to death with gasoline.

Melania sends secret codes through her attire. Really? Baron's name implies royalty. Really? Their opponents are off their rockers. It's bizarre and cuckoo nest qualified.

Why not have a picture of President Trump and the booming economy on the front page instead of dingbat Pelosi and the impeachment scam?

Mr. Trump has cut food stamp benefits to 700,000 needy Americans. 43,000 of them live in Hamilton County, 12% of our population. Merry Christmas.

Impeachment is not going to overturn the will of the voters. The Electoral College already did that.

We're not impeaching Trump, but Putin's puppet who's destroying Western alliances and sowing fear and hate that divides Americans.

I don't approve of much of President Trump's behavior, but as long as he continues to support pro-life, I will vote for him again.

Gentlemen, it is polite to remove your ball cap in nice restaurants, especially if it is a Trump hat.

To the gentleman than says the hard-working House has passed 400 bills. They are junk that is dead when they pass. It's a farce to look busy.

Wonder about Republicans' intellect? Consider most Republicans consider the impeached, pathological lying, draft-dodging Trump a greater president than Lincoln. Case closed.

The impeachment of President Trump proves without a doubt when the House of Representatives wants to accomplish something quickly, it can.

As a scientist, I'm certain the planet is warming. If you're not, [it's] still smart to help our environment. Expect the best, prepare for the worst!

Responding to the Dec. 15 Rant: By the same token, how can you be for abortion and against the death penalty?

Former Sen. Corker, if you couldn't be more like Howard Baker while in office, now that you're out, it's OK to tell the truth.

Impeach Trump or not — both are divisive to the country. The ultimate question is, do we choose to protect our Constitution or protect Trump?

The biased media made a big deal of the negative ovation Trump got at the Washington baseball game. Will we see the rousing positive ovation he got at the Army-Navy football game?

Pack the Supreme Court with progressives? Why not independents or vegetarians or fortune tellers or car guys or let the House of Representatives pick?

If Slick Willy Clinton could not be convicted in the Senate for lying under oath, can President Trump be convicted for not lying under oath?

The last pitiful patch has been installed on the Standifer Gap pipe project. Any bets on when that mile-plus section will be re-paved?

TFP, stop printing false/misleading/nonfactual rants. Every Democrat is not a liberal socialist who wants open borders. Every Republican does not worship Satan.

Recent statements by the Republicans in the Senate clearly show they do not intend to honor their oath to defend the Constitution. Have any of them even read it?

Trump's Republican defenders at impeachment constantly shout and repeat themselves. Fox viewers have an average age of 95 and don't hear well.

Bennett, you finally got one right (Wilkey) but, whoever is allowing him to continue as an officer is worse.

Thank you, TFP, for having two opinon pages. I always disagree with one side, but I read both. Good exercise!

Impeached and re-elected! What guardrails will we have against a president so emboldened? Now there's a nightmare in the making.

Can we just put aside politics for a couple of weeks to get through the holidays without snarling, screaming, sharming one another? We all need a breather. Thank you.

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