Developers in Chattanooga: Please take a look at the "over-55 developments in Canton, Georgia. Wonderful homes, clubhouse with amazing activities. Been here since 1973, thinking of moving there.

Ambulance chasers count on insurance paying off. Sort of like Dems and impeachment. Didn't pay off though. Impeachment? So what. Still president. Still working.

I for one am sick of our tax dollars going to support people on food stamps and welfare if they can work. I'm 68 and worked since I was 17.

Why is land annexation for the wall any bigger deal than for a superhighway slum-clearance project? Again, another double standard against Donald!

The consensus through the ages is that the Salem witches were innocent. Consequently, those witch trials have no bearing on contemporary events. POTUS: Stop hiding behind them.

Dems: fear, gloom, doom, greed, envy, more taxes, entitlements. Republicans: jobs, progress, tax cuts, prosperity, market highs, less government, independence. Pretty clear what's healthy.

A favor is not bribery. Improper is not illegal. Dislike does not create guilt. Sentiments are not truth. Feelings are not facts. True truth matters.

Trump doesn't have to worry about voter backlash from cutting food stamps. The poor are too busy looking for food to vote.

Another Trump term. More prosperity. More jobs. Everyone benefits. Minorities switch parties. Democrat party doomed. Just watch.

Would one of my MAGA friends tell me, if Trump tripped on one of the 10 Commandments, which one would he recognize?

You don't like Trump, vote. You like Trump, vote. That's your voice. You win and lose some. A republic is not a democracy. That's it.

If the Republicans want more firsthand testimony, why don't they subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton or Guiliani?

Impeachment is not used to overturn the will of the American people. That's the Electoral College's job.

"Will impeachment drive Trump crazy?" Too late. He thinks we're winning the trade war Americans are paying for; we're winning in Korea; and

My old grandmother used to say "the guilty dog barks the loudest." Keep on howling POTUS . Everybody knows what you did.

I don't understand how Melanie Trump can have a platform, Be Best, for bullying. Her husband is terrible bullying people. This is an embarrassment as a first lady!

Before you decide who to vote for, you should consider who promises the highest taxpayer funded giveaways. You pay for it. I don't want to.

The Democrats want a fair trial in the Senate when they just completed a kangaroo court in the House?

Now the Republicans are afraid of a 16-year-old girl.

Pam Sohn says the Trump economy is not doing well. As proof, she quotes Joe Biden. Wow, now I'm convinced!

Impeachment was designed to non-partisan . Congratulations, Democrats, for making a change in the Constitution without an amendment.

You all and the so-called "free press" are a disgrace to America and the America people by writing false news. I do not believe your lies.

It's a shame that Mr. Och's newspaper standards have not been maintained by The New York Times.

Many local newspapers are on life support. One in five have closed in the last 15 years. We have to have a local paper.

Impeachment in search of a crime. Where is due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Facts speak. Theatrics don't. Be very careful, Dems. Tables reverse.

We can't afford medical care for everyone but we can afford Space Farce? Just what we needed: more blank checks handed over to gouging contractors.


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