Maybe it would be wise not to speak of snow a week in advance. Schools automatically canceled the next day.

Once again storm-tracking Viper teams incite panic and closings for possible snow. Talk about fake news. Rarely correct; always ridiculous. Soon the self-congratulatory commercials.

Please stop saying or printing "the people elected Trump." The rigged Electoral College elected Trump, thereby subverting the will of the people of this country.

Should there be a re-make of Bonnie and Clyde, I suggest Pelosi and Schumer for the parts. They are ruthless, and it is all about them.

If you are still a Trump supporter, you are a Russian sympathizer pure and simple.

Nancy, please don't gloat. That's what bullies do. Thank the president for putting country before personal interests and get to work solving the problem.

Having seen firsthand the behavior of Chattanooga shoppers, I believe that the local supermarkets are in cahoots with our overpaid weather guesstimators!

Politicians: you took an oath to protect and defend. Do your job. Protect the border, defend government employees. Compromise.

Nancy Pelosi has managed to do what no one has ever done, bring Trump to his knees. Twice!

Being poor from crime-ridden countries does not qualify for amnesty. That's half the world. Dems just looking for new votes. Close the border.

Shame on Sen. Marsha Blackburn for supporting the White House idiot rather than the furloughed taxpayers of Tennessee.

Kudos to Channel 3 weatherman Paul Barys for being the best dressed professional in television. In a day of the Walmart shopper image, you make Chattanooga proud!

The Dems learned a lot about how the opposing party should treat a president during the Obama years. Did the Republicans really think they'd forget?

Some white guy shot five people in Louisiana. Maybe we should build a wall around it.

I am looking for brains, integrity, stewardship and ideas for 2020. Don't care about race or sex. I do care about religion. No identity politics.

Republicans insist that "big government" is not the answer to the nation's problems, and they want you to elect them so they can prove it.

It's hard to drain the swamp when the Trump slime keeps clogging it up!

If the observation made a century ago, "a person can be judged by the company he keeps " holds, consider Messrs Bannon, Stone, Manafort and Cohen.

If you have a degree in international relations and economics and you think socialism is a good idea, you learned nothing.

Misplaced footage of cop kicking, beating people on the ground? Believe that? Duh.

Women growing up during World War II cut paper dolls out of clothing ads in Sears catalogs. They know the difference between 2D and 3D. Good ad, Erlanger.

Reporting sexual assaults to UTC administrators and local police is a waste of time. Victims instead should notify a "big brother" for retribution.

Happy for North Georgia, but "Midtown" Chattanooga (Brainerd) is still without a major grocery store since Food City closed.

Local donation Idea: Bottle-filling stations needed along Riverwalk. Fountains too shallow for bottles. Water needed at ground so owners won't lift dogs to drinking fountains.

Kudos to whoever is decorating some metal traffic signal boxes downtown. The one at the southwest corner of 10th and Market (depicting Roland Hayes) is especially attractive and educational!

"Roid" rage is real. Police should get random testing for steroid abuse and immediately after beating up a citizen or their wives.

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