The Rant

The Rant

February 10th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Reading the anti-Trump rants I've decided the cumulative score of the first half of the Super Bowl is higher than most of these writers' IQs.

There are only two forces at work in the world: One is love, light, life and joy. The other is hatred, darkness, death and sorrow.

So Howard Schultz made a decent cup of coffee, but that doesn't mean he'd make a good president.

President Trump brags about 24 months of job growth. Lest we forget, we had 76 straight months of job growth before he took office!

New York, what is the difference In aborting a baby one week before it is born and killing it one week after it is born? Nothing. Murderers.

Corker and Obama both served two pandering terms in office and both accomplished absolutely nothing creditable for the American taxpayers.

Columnist Ron Hart takes a lot of heat on social media, but he is a gem. Nothing wrong with a bit of humor, folks.

When Chuck Fleischmann gets his new appointment calendar each year, he immediately sits down and writes in 365 times — "agree with President Trump."

Since Trump obviously loves Putin and Russia so much, why doesn't he just move there? Trump, please go before you totally ruin our country.

The left's leftward lurch means only one thing. The Dems will get trounced in 2020.

Trump's refusal to acknowledge his security team's analysis which we all viewed and heard about ISIS, North Korea, Russia, Iran prove he is mentally unfit.

Weather is separate from climate. Weather is outside your window. Climate is the atmosphere over time. Too complex for the president.

A few Republicans greatly benefit from their policies. The rest, unfortunately, don't know that they don't know.

So, I was a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz in high school. Guess that disqualifies me from public office. Check your yearbooks. Honestly.

If he truly wanted to "lock her up," it seems Trump should have offered Hillary a position on his election campaign staff.

What Kool-Aid is Billy Graham's son drinking with his blind support of President Trump? He refuses to say that Trump has told one lie!

Good for Trump for keeping the talks going with North Korea. Talking is better than not talking. Maybe he will pull off a miracle.

More guns plus more people with guns equals more people shot with guns. It's not rocket science people.

How many weeks do teachers and students attend a full five days?

Thanks to Dish Network, I have found new shows to watch on Channel 12. Channel 3 is not that important now.

Hey Greeson, anyone publicly calling Hillary a liar while giving pathological lying Trump a pass, has what it takes to be Trump's next press secretary.

Bennett's cartoon is spot on. Add illegal police search. Clean up your act, Chattanooga Police. It's looks ugly.

If smoking marijuana causes short-term memory loss, what does smoking marijuana do?

Soak the rich! Why not? They have been soaking the rest of us for the last few decades. Check it out.

Since the politicians can gerrymander districts to gain votes, why can't they do the same with school districts to balance races?

Collegedale: Is it necessary for two police cars to pull over an elderly man, or anyone, during the day? Intimidation and scare tactics?

Congrats Erlanger for new $30 million outpatient children's center. Now, how about fixing the pothole on the Central Avenue entrance.

The general election was Nov. 6. Why do I still see Karl Dean and Phil Bredesen campaign signs?

There are two positions in which there are no winners: meteorologists and referees.


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