The Rant

The Rant

January 6th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Thanks, Mr. Trump, for making my government-employed daughter's Christmas not so jolly. Maybe she can send you the bills coming due next week?

There would be no talk of a government shutdown, if there were a Balanced Budget Amendment. End shutdowns, pass a BBA fast.

What next? Build hospitals along our borders for illegals who cross over in poor health?

RIP Sam Payne. You always were one of the good guys. Our community is a little less without you in it.

Is Trump shutting down the government playing into the hands of the Democrats or Putin?

And I thought W. Bush was bad.

GOP should support Trump when the president backs conservative policies. Everything else is fair game.

To the ranter who apparently slept through unemployment brought down to 4 percent under Obama's policies: being delusional is no way to go through life.

Mayor Berke's "Council Against Hate" doesn't have a single cisgender, white Christian board member. Why not?

To the person who blames all police for bad acts of few, put your life at risk every day facing someone who may kill you.

St. Elmo doesn't deserve a Publix.

Someone please tell me the confusion in 10 items or less. 10? Items? or less?

Christmas Eve TFP reports efforts to solve public health crisis and then exposes Sheffield, Alabama, mayor's efforts to increase smoking in public. Sad.

I would really be happy if someone could get the white and yellow lines repainted on Dayton Boulevard.

We need more wholesome game shows such as Price is Right and Concentration.

Do criminals use Facebook? Do they ever set up their victims on social media? Then why can't the police use Facebook to catch them?

Kudos to whoever added "no trucks this lane" to I-24. Now let's add "maintain speed" at the ridge cut!

If we stop all illegal immigrants from entering, who will do all the crummy jobs that we hire them to do?

Supporters of open borders need to get to a federal building and sign up as immigration sponsors. Or would that be too personal?

Delusional liberals think Putin somehow influenced the POTUS' vote. Given the choice, not a chance! Trump is far from perfect, but Hillary? Laughable.

Fake news "reporters": Trump planned the troop visit two months ago. He is now tied with Obama for number of military trips, you morons.

Is the ranter who bragged about his portfolio last year because of Trump still bragging?

Bennett gets a full color page of his work. Conservative cartoonists get nothing. TFP is a liberal paper serving an area that is mostly conservative.

Washington, D.C., and its dysfunction is a long way away. Focus on what elected officials are doing right here, to you or for you.

Trump is only the latest weapon that Russia is using to take over the United States.

I didn't order my lobster with a side of crying baby. Get a doggie bag and take that out.

Get rid of the Rants. If you don't have the cojones to use your name you don't deserve the right to have your thoughts printed.

Guess the school system will shift from canceling classes for snow days to rainy days. This is ridiculous. We will need the rain in July, not now.

Except for picking excellent Supreme Court justices, Trump is a dismal and embarrassing president. Outstanding Bob Corker could beat him. Please run, Bob.

We're glad Moxy is here. But beer truck and guests unloading in "both" traffic lanes of King Street has to stop. Use the back door.

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