The Rant

The Rant

January 27th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Hard to believe the Trump support in Chattanooga. It is still just a redneck Southern town.

Fed workers with no pay: Who did you vote for? I rest my case.

Pelosi doesn't want Trump to deliver the State of the Union speech? No problem. He can have his proxy present it: V. Putin.

If we all agreed to a "no social media for a day" challenge, how would we know if it was successful? We should do it anyway.

When did opinions of cable "talking heads" become fact; and why?

During the shutdown; why is a multimillionaire in Congress getting paid and an E-3 in the Coast Guard isn't? Talk about equality.

The shutdown has a solution. The Democrats are willing to deal as long as the president agrees to all their terms.

Are there any more beans for Rudy to spill? He's truly one of Donald's best people. I really like this guy. Should have his own TV show.

The MSM laid two giant eggs this past week — the Michael Cohen/BuzzFeed story and the Covington Catholic student story. Incompetent, biased? Probably both.

We have defeated ISIS in Syria. There is no longer a North Korea nuclear threat. Mexico will pay for the wall. What delusion is next?

What does GOP stand for today? Greedy Old People, Goof Off Politicians or Government Of Putin? Your guess.

Art of the Deal: take something away (DACA) then offer to give it back if you'll get much more (wall funding) in return.

If the government refuses to reopen, maybe we should refuse to pay our income taxes.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, are you a human being making Americans suffer for your petty actions? Start acting like responsible people.

Chattanooga used to be known as The Scenic City; now it is The Apartment City. Can't see the beauty for the apartments.

Congratulations, Tonya Craft. A public lynching by upset parents was and still is a travesty. Truly, truly disgusting.

Change school time from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., then they will be in school in the dark — like many of our elected officials.

I guess we can judge Clay Bennett's character by the way he abused MLK's historic quote by making it negative.

How can it be that folks with college degrees cannot understand the difference between weather and climate? Weather happens today. Climate is years of weather.

Broccoli cornbread, sweet potato pizza crust? Please. This Foodie thinks not.

Clemson national champion footballers accustomed to nutritious training table food get pizza and cheeseburgers at the White House. Eat like the president for a day!

Why would any comedian — anyone for that matter — want to host the Academy Awards when outraged America wants to take them down before the show starts?

Smart way to get in with a governor in office for several days: attack him at an MLK Day event. Why can't we be better than this?

What would hurt by asking for requests for proposals for selling the WWTA? It doesn't have to be sold, but we might learn what is out there.

Both sides are at fault, but Democrats refusing border security funds they once supported shows the party's continuing intransigence.

I don't think people understand that tariffs mean you, YOU, are paying more for stuff.

Why do Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to violent illegal immigrants entering the country? It's becoming more and more embarrassing.

Really, Erlanger? A cutout doll to promote mammography? Was there a woman on the creative team that dreamed that up? Absurd.

A kinder gentler rant. Can Hamilton County please pick up litter on the W Road?

What has this world come to. Escape rooms? Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. That is the best escape you'll find.

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