Enough about Trump serving in the military. When did Obama serve? Did Hillary serve? You wanted her to be president.

Trump is the kid who likes to hang out with the school bully because he thinks it makes him look tough too.

If you don't understand their side, embrace their PCness, and instead speak our minds, we are bigots, racists, heartless. We are not. Trump symbolizes our revolt.

President Truman's motto was "The Buck Stops Here." President Trump's motto is "It's always someone else's fault."

Free health care for illegal immigrants, Medicare for all, free college, student debt forgiveness: all will lead to Dem defeat in 2020. Count on it.

Reading Rants every Sunday leads me to conclude many contributors would call a rattlesnake in their path "fake news" if Fox News told them it's not!

So Democrats oppose the provision for beds for the border, and oppose people sleeping on the floor. So, what's politically acceptable, hammocks? Get real.

Putting America first is not leading from behind, open borders, Medicare for all, and free education. Even most Dems don"t want this. Wake up, candidates.

In political debate, why was civil rights issue of 45 years ago mentioned? Was it the inability to understand and discuss solutions for current problems?

Candidates are starting early with exhibiting poor examples for youth with many of their comments. It's OK to show love for our countrymen and women.

With a majority of Congress now made up of multimillionaires, what makes you think they are going to raise taxes on themselves? Delusional.

I pay $950 a month for my wife's health care. Now Democrats want to provide free care to illegals. Can I denounce my citizenship and become illegal?

If it takes me two months to get a colonoscopy from the VA, I can't wait for Bernie's health care plan and wait maybe four months.

Reparations, yes! Once the president is set, I plan to sue Italy for the 600 years my ancestors were held in bondage by Rome.

If you play the race card, the gender card and the poor me card, it's because you have nothing of substance to run on. Pitiful.

If you don't believe in climate change, I have some beautiful Georgia oceanfront property to sell you real cheap.

If the staff of the schools' Central Office consisted of a superintendent and answering machine, people here would say the machine was a waste of money!

Need more proof of the economic divide in Chattanooga? Just look at the featured homes for sale each Sunday. Average Joe doesn't stand a chance.

If Megan Rapinoe dislikes the USA so much, I wish she would go play soccer for Russia. We can live without her.

Please, people, be mindful of the heat and its effect on your beloved pets. It is dangerous. Take care of them.

This proud blood donor requests that Blood Assurance not make my donated blood available to gang members with gunshot wounds. Consequences matter.

Why are restaurants allowed to be "pet friendly"? Eating with dogs and other animals is not only unsanitary, but disgusting and barbaric.

Let's hear it for PRIDE Chattanooga. Another month another year!

The WalletHub list of Top 10 worst-run cities in America. Know what they have in common? Nine out of 10 are run by Democrats, including Chattanooga.

If you want to know the truth about what is really going on at Erlanger, talk to the bedside nurses.

Jesus wasn't neutral. He spent his life siding with the poor, the sick and, yes, the immigrant. Stop listening to charlatans, and be like Jesus.

Russian journalists were allowed in the room when Trump met Putin last week. American journalists were not. Are people not alarmed by Trump's traitorous behavior?


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