Would like to honor Ross Perot, who just died, by quoting him, "It's time to take out the trash and clean out the barn."

So Starbucks welcomes vagrants and removes police officers, all based on fear factor of snowflakes. Go figure. Get some grit.

Young teens with guns. Young teens shooting and killing people. I don't have the answer. Does anyone? Would they please speak up?

Could President Trump be setting up to not leave office when his time is up by going against the Supreme Court with the citizenship question?

MSNBC will not give one hour to carry a Trump speech, but will spend the next three days picking it apart. We report, we decide.

When you break the law, bad things happen. No sympathy for those crossing the border illegally. Blame parents where blame belongs. Stay home, come legally.

All socialists want to take your money and buy power for themselves. The Democratic debate looked more like a skit from "Saturday Night Live."

The Supreme Court ruled that the justification for the citizenship question "seems to have been contrived." Now Trump is trying to contrive a better justification.

In 243 years, not one person has drowned by going through the proper channels to become an American citizen.

A pastor from Chattanooga who visited the border detainee center said "the floors were so clean one could eat off them." Honestly? Shame on you.

All you folks who want a tax increase to fund the school board's new budget should fork over more money on your taxes and leave the rest of us alone. I am a senior on a pension.

Chattanooga took a step backward when it did not vote for a tax increase for our schools. Chattanooga is backward-looking.

The unreliable surveys NYT columnist Timothy Egan uses to demonize Republicans are the same sort used to demonize Democrats as socialists. Designed for unthinking people.

Do you think most illegals come from homes with running water? Food three times a day? Shelter? Health care? Think. Why leave if they do?

Hey, ya'll, look up the word plutocracy.

Fake News: Many residents supported a tax increase. Where and who did they poll? Not me.

My wife and I worked two jobs each paying for three college educations without free food, cars, medical or housing. Only problem: politicians raising taxes!

Do you think Harry Truman or JFK would stand a chance in today's Democratic socialist party? Why are liberals so angry?

Even after Republicans stacked the deck of the Supreme Court in their favor, Trump is still considering an executive order in order to defy it.

Jeffrey Epstein is a pig and should never see the light of day again. Surely Republicans and Democrats can agree on this.

An unemployed athlete determines your shoe style, a bartender determines your tax for income redistribution. Are we going to hell in a hand-basket? What freedom?

Thank you, Dr. [Clif] Cleveland, for your piece page F4 of last Sunday's TFP. It was a short summary of the xenophobia that helps define our "American exceptionalism."

Thank goodness we won't have to worry about being run over by those stupid scooters racing around downtown sidewalks. Thank you, city council!

Debbie Downers on Chattanooga Times editorial page are surely miserable, unhappy people. Stock market, employment rate good. Pitiful people.

U.S. soccer: The women's team is classier and more professional. Plus they won. Pay them more than the men. Honestly.

Dunkin' Donuts' CEO says $15 an hour is "outrageous." He makes $4,889 an hour.

I hear some MAGA conservatives saying Megan Rapinoe "hates America" because she dislikes the president, yet they all hated President Obama.

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