Since I don't agree with our president, I guess I will go back to where I came from. See you all, going back to Youngstown, Ohio.

I am so tired of the drama, name calling, and identity politics of the Dems. Get something constructive done, solve problems, then run your mouth.

The CBP intercepted 20 tons of cocaine on a ship. I assume they were trying to sneak across the border? Build that wall.

In the U.S. living slaves: 0; living slaveholders: 0. Can we move forward now?

When is the racist in the White House going to send his wife and her parents back to where they came from?

Let's all see what is going on. How about some members of Congress and of the media tour the immigration holding pens with bodycams?

What is Trump's Apollo program? Tax cuts for the super rich and a sleazy Supreme Court justice? That's some legacy.

I challenge all Trumpsters to listen to NPR for a day or two. but, the truth would probably scare you to death.

Obama built the cages, housed the children, exported thousands of illegals. Were you asleep, Dems? Or was it OK then?

Enjoyed watching poor Chris Wallace trying to interview Kellyanne Conway. Her mouth does not have an off switch.

So Dems, you are breaking the law and your oath when you advise illegal aliens how to break the law and not be deported.

I would rather be a socialist Democrat than a Communist Republican. I like my Social Security, Medicare and the VA.

I don't want my tax dollars paying for illegals' food, shelter, health care, legal, clothing, transportation, etc. We owe them nothing. What about the national debt?

Our poor, poor governor, who says he's forced to publicly acknowledge grand wizard and slave owner Nathan Bedford Forrest, by law, that he could change.

Democrat mission — From a think-tank in the Smokies comes word that the official Democrat theme for the 2020 presidential campaign will be "Return to Sanity."

Politicians: You were elected to represent us, U.S. citizens. Not illegals. Why are you spending your time on them and not protecting us? Oh, votes.

Dems must be the most miserable people on earth. Great economy but still naysayers.

How can a guy who wears a $2,000 suit understand a guy in blue jeans? Ask Bernie, he wears one and the other.

Isn't Slick Willy Clinton a closer friend to Epstein than President Trump?

Voters want: A job, income and benefits, family protection. Doesn't matter Republican or liberal social Democrat. So there is middle ground.

You're 17, a high school dropout, and have no trade experience. So now you're worth $15.00 an hour? No, you work up to that amount.

To the Democratic leadership: Girls don't fight.

Please recycle clean plastic bags at the downtown public library and its branches— and continue to recycle clean Styrofoam in front of Publix stores.

Teens with guns? Where are the fathers? Do we hold them accountable for the support and nurture of their children? Time to uphold the law.

Another out-of-control cop stop. Happens too often. Wilkey again. Looks bad, Chattanooga.

Third most poorly run city in the U.S.? Grade in quality of life F? Time for outside help, folks.

Commissioner Tim Boyd claiming he's been disrespected then adding a threat for later. Wow! Careful, you'll burn your hands adjusting that halo!

Hey, [Clay] Bennett, you need a lesson. Go live in Russia, Cuba or Venezuela for a while.Then you will know what a real dictatorship is.

Received numerous senior graduation invites. Sadly, after sending monetary gifts, not one person sent a thank you. Will not be sending gifts again. Shame parents!

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