In the midst of impeachment and pedophilia, the veterans are being forgotten. Freedom is not, nor ever will be free.

Seriously? $855 million for school capital needs? I choked. No way, no way. Let's see what political courage looks like now. Remember, it's our money.

Obama deported far more illegals than Trump. Is it only a crime against humanity when Trump does it? We see through the Dem rhetoric.

Would a liberal black representative be allowed to schedule his own departure from Tennessee Legislature? Leave it to smug, "family values" Republicans to allow Casada clown act to fester.

So, Dems are for the law for potential collusion, against the law for legal deportation. Only certain laws apply to them and their mouths.

I'm offended by how many times we have to listen to you being offended. Get over it.

Did the Redneck Navy ask about ethnicity or citizenship as they rescued hurricane victims? Did any of them chant?

Those who live in a bubble want open borders and free everything. Those of us who live it and pay for it, oppose it all.

There are billions of poor people around the world. The U.S. cannot contain them on any level. Build the wall. Enforce the law. Fix it.

If you disagree with me, you're a racist. Speak against me, xenophobic. I can't work for you. I am a victim. I am a Dem.

Reagan: "Anybody from any corner of the world can come to America to live and become an American." Trump: "Send her back." Shameful.

Immigrants used to come for opportunity and jobs. Now, for free stuff. The do-nothing Congress is writing America's epitaph.

Trump says if you don't want to fight for our country than leave. He needs to leave since he dodged the military.

Dems need to understand when given a choice between eating liver (Trump) and arsenic (socialist kook Democrats running for president) most choose liver.

So Bernie cant afford to pay his workers $15 an hour he demands from us. Has he opened two of his three homes to illegals? Nope.

Calling all Democrats Socialist America haters is like calling all Republicans Religious Race Haters, right?

Now that "the Squad" has opened the "discussion," can they offer any solutions, other than raising taxes on the rich and the middle class ?

Do you want your children led by someone who speaks and behaves like an adult, or someone who spews hate and behaves like a mean-spirited bigot?

"Going back to where you came from," doesn't just refer to a country, it could be a hole or election district you climbed out of.

There is a bright side to Trump's presidency: At least now we have an accurate estimate of the percentage of racists, misogynists and xenophobes in our population."

Trump's university failed. Maybe he should start day care centers with classes in: bullying, lying successfully, cheating, socialized narcissism, bigotry and grabbing booty.

How to shut down the exchange of ideas: accuse someone of being a racist or liar. Reckless words are destroying our society and country.

Every day Trump chips away at our nation's ideals. How far does he have to go before his enablers realize how far over the edge he has taken us?

Ron Hart said "Faceapp that lets you know what you look like older is hit with Millennials. They want to see what they'll look like when they're Republicans."

Interesting how VW parachutes [Frank] Fischer in just before union vote and then moves him out right after.

You might want to take another look at your selections for the citizens police oversight board. Everyone on there needs to be respectable.

If the county taxed mobile homes like it taxes site-built, we probably would have plenty of money for schools. At 73 I object to having to pay the heavy taxes.

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