Suddenly I realized that so many of us are 1 percenters. We live on 1% of what the local top CEOs earn.

It's time for a rave column to highlight all the amazing positive things going on in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the USA.

Thank you Friends of the Festival. A really great Riverbend and the best fireworks ever.

Riverbend: "It's A Wrap," not necessarily an upgrade. Average age of attendees? Like to know. Violence mars it all.

Parasite: An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species. Example: UAW.

The stock market has lost 2,000 points. Is President Trump taking credit?

Mueller said there was insufficient evidence to prove there is no Easter Bunny. So all Democrats now believe in the Easter Bunny.

Does our president or his close advisers know what the truth is?

I'm so glad the Speaker is getting her ducks in a row. Congress, take your time and do it right. Don't misfire.

No, Mr. President, John McCain didn't kill health care, he refused to kill health care. Please stop lying about it.

Those who don't understand economic recovery, record corporate profits, and decency the Obama administration brought after the Bush administration unmitigated, total disaster, are pathetically biased.

Other than court-packing and rich-people tax cuts, what's Trump actually accomplished? The newspaper is, and should be, unbiased. Look elsewhere for disingenuous reporting.

Only Trump can claim the Mueller report is made up of lies, then turn around and claim it was a very thorough investigation that vindicated him.

Democrats, can you do something other than attack Trump? Can you not work on immigration, health care, crime in your major cities? Get with it.

Women and girls forced to have a child conceived by rape or incest? Next, let's put "our" women in burkas. Sharia law anyone?

One thousand illegals crossed the southern border at one time. You liberal Dems will need a second job to support all of them and your families.

Mexico pays Trump's new proposed tariffs, passes the cost along to American consumers and this helps control immigration how?

Looks like the swamp creature chieftain Nancy Pelosi just created a tariff at the border to justify her socialist party inaction on border control.

Rep. Mike Carter and Sen. Bo Watson realize one hour of semis crossing the Ridge cut does more to increase the ozone than all cars would in a month.

Maybe some money from UnifiEd or county school budget for a middle school gun buyback program? Ammo, too.

Tired of dodging potholes in Hamilton County? For a new experience try dodging the potholes in Rhea County.

Happy to see Josh Dobbs in sports illustrated magazine. Flying a fighter jet fulfilled his dream. Great young man. Nerd? No! Intelligent, yes.

VW workers. Why do you think the UAW is so anxious to unionize you? You got it! To use your dues to perpetuate their lifestyle.

If people investigated cancer cells as much as they do the president, we would have a cure.

Is it me, or is the Washington Politico-speak getting old? If you have something to say, you need to say it.

A big thank you to Miles and Jason of UUM who fixed my flat tire at Dream Night at the Zoo. They were so kind and positive. They are great assets to UUM.

Kudos, compliments and gratitude to Lake Winnie! Best day ever with my grandchild. Employees were courteous, park was clean and rides were fantastic. Thanks.

House Democrats have passed 100-plus bills covering healthcare, civil rights, the environment, election reform and more, but are currently collecting dust on Mitch McConnell's desk.

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