The inaction in Congress solidifies my push for term limits. Get some work done or get voted out. Protecting your re-election should be forbidden.

We are under attack by a foreign adversary manipulating our elections. Tech companies won't accept responsibility. Why aren't you outraged?

Thank you, President Trump, for using the threat of tariffs to get some relief from the inflow of illegals. Nancy and Chucky hate it.

Normandy. Donald. Obscene.

All deplorable, despicable Democrat resisters are either insane or traitors until proven to my satisfaction that they are not.

How's this, ranter? Us "liberal Dems" will support the illegals crossing the border when you far-right religious Republicans adopt every unaborted baby. It's only fair.

For the first time in my memory, I don't know what the Dems will run on for 2020. You always knew before their Convention .

So the Republicans want to ban abortion but not assault rifles, think about it.

John Dean and Michael Cohen. Two witnesses for Democrats, who were jailed for cover-up, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

When a bartender can come in and take over a party, what does this say about the party? No firm foundation or beliefs. Pitiful really.

Congress votes themselves a raise. What a joke. For what? Certainly not solutions and upholding rights of Americans. They should be fired for poor performance.

To the captain who trashed our president: Your opinion is irrelevant. He is the Commander in Chief. Period. Shame on you. Shame on this "newspaper."

Doesn't matter if you're underage, a criminal, or mentally unfit — you can buy an AR15 right out of the newspaper. Just bring cash. Perfectly legal.

Not allowing people ordained online to marry people is just a way to intimidate and keep the LGBT community out of the church and unmarried.

Spike Lee pushes for Hollywood to get out of Georgia. We do too, the sooner the better.

Starting with county mayor, will someone compile a list of people double-dipping? Too many are drawing taxpayer-funded pensions and taxpayer-funded salaries simultaneously.

If only citizens and people on track to become citizens were allowed in public schools we would have a decrease in property taxes.

Question: Will Mayor Andy Berke run for Lamar Alexander's Senate seat?

Excuse me, Sheriff Wilson, you may not think you need dash cams, but the public would sure appreciate it. Especially the innocent ones.

Galling: Signal Mountain bragging about Small Town Progress Award while pushing 22% property tax increase after wasting taxpayer money paving James Boulevard with pricey concrete.

If "adulting" is a verb for you, you are a snowflake with helicopter, lawnmower parents who did you a disservice. Life is hard. Grow up.

Kudos, letter writer: The lawyer ads are more than annoying agreed! It's bad enough that funeral homes advertise. At least we got rid of Charles Pittman.

Photo of student carrying sign that reads "students deserve a education." Wording on sign suggests they're not getting much of one now.

It's easier to slight employees with consistently good attitudes. Squeaky wheels get grease. What kind of boss are you?

If one cannot read by third grade, becoming a dropout is intensified. Use money in K-3.

I would be all for the property tax increase if you can assure me that it would go to classrooms and teachers and not into the Central Office for more administrators.

My wish: no more rogue cops, bashing POTUS, babies dying in hot cars, injuries from pits, underprivileged youth with lack of reading readiness.

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