Big tax vote this week at the County Commission meeting. Make your voice heard; call your commissioner. Don't go along to get along.

Instead of celebrating UAW's failure at VW, Republican hacks and corporate leaders would be wise to take note of how close the vote actually was.

Polls do not mean a thing as no one has asked me who I would vote for.

Watch for the well-documented books on the new Republican relationship with honesty, national debt and moral cowardice. This phenomenon will be studied for decades.

The last time Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, she manufactured a recession by creating free housing. Today she is on the same mission.

Democratic presidential candidates are a bunch of scary clowns, including their gaffe-prone front-runner who is willing to sell his soul for the nomination.

So Bernie, if economic rights are human rights, put your money where your mouth is. Give up most of yours to benefit poor Americans.

Pretend you are outraged with Trump when you know you do the same thing. You just don't say it out loud.

When is the lawlessness in the Trump administration, led by the president himself, going to stop?

Why has the majority of evangelical Christians stopped following the teachings of Jesus Christ and have instead decided to worship Donald Trump?

TVA should dump their millions of tons of Trump's clean coal ash on his Mar a Lago golf course.

Trump is transforming our country into an "evil empire." Republican moral cowardice is assisting. Sadly, fact-challenged citizens cheer him on or just don't care.

Republican Revolution: Crumbling roads, falling bridges, failing schools, closing hospitals and declining heath insurance. Job well done.

You mean it's an imposition to ask a citizenship question on the U.S. census? Have we lost our minds? Stand up, be counted, you moochers.

Do the Democrats think there was Russian collusion in the Volkswagen UAW vote? Better call Mueller.

Clergy should refrain from statements on politics.

Parasite: An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species. Example: UAW.

Want to drain the swamp? Vote only for candidates who will support a balanced budget amendment, term limits and no Congressional pay raises.

What exactly does Sen. Marsha Blackburn do between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day?

Want to improve the Dominican Republic? Move the United Nations or the Democratic National Committee headquarters there.

To open-borders ranter who believes in killing unborn/unwanted babies if no one will adopt: The no-kill animal shelter is better than you.

Tom Decosimo gets it. I know from experience of 30 years teaching. Underprivileged children are losing. Money only if for K-3.

Apparently in Tennessee and Georgia if you look like you are going to Bonnaroo, then you're fair game for profiling. Civil rights? You're in the South, boy.

As I waste my time and gas sitting in this terrible Chattanooga traffic, I firmly believe some people, who have been dragging their feet, should go to jail.

I don't need columnist Jay Greeson to explain sportsmanship to me, or anything else for that matter.

A newspaper still exists in Chattanooga because Roy McDonald knew his readership. What exists now desecrates his memory. Please change the name. This is not the "Free Press."

KOCH brothers' $40 million in GOP donations got them a $500 million tax break. Sheldon Adelson's $30 million GOP investment became $670 million tax break.

Thank you, TFP, for the "Top of the Class" series on valedictorians. It has been so refreshing, seeing and reading about these fine young folks.

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