The Rant

The Rant

June 30th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

The Board of Education needs to live on a budget like the rest of us. Get rid of the "dead weight" at the central office.

Erlanger is in an uproar over top management ignoring serious issues. Please remember that most employees try hard every day to make you better!

The media expose ongoing immigrant children's deplorable conditions, and the government acts immediately. A free press is the voice of, not the enemy, of the people.

After seeing the effects of scooters in Nashville, if Chattanooga follows suit I will never visit downtown again, ever.

Reading "Rant" weekly leads me to conclude that at least half of contributors are drinking liberally of the Trump hating, fake news media's Kool-Aid.

President Trump is the most unorthodox politician in the last two centuries. Scaring Democrats and Republicans. You wanted change. You got it.

Too bad Trump didn't serve in the army. Then he would understand the sequence, ready, aim, fire. It's not Ready, fire, misfire.

Don't forget to wear your John McCain T-shirt this 4th of July. A truly great American hero.

Seems to me the powers that be didn't do enough horse trading on the tax vote to get the outcome they wanted. Guess they will have another shot.

Flag burning is becoming popular again. Hopefully, the colorful Pride flags are well protected.

Joe Biden would be a disaster for America as POTUS.

We've got billions for a wall, but no money for toothpaste and soap for little kids? What a proud time to be an American.

Before you call U.S. Immigration Detention Centers "Concentration Camps," go to Dachau, Germany, and witness a real concentration camp.

If you believe that Nancy Pelosi caused the "Great Recession," your ignorance is sad and pitiful and you are a big part of what's wrong now.

Hey Democrats. I want reparations for my student debt I paid off 50 years ago.

Hurry, interest rates on my savings are finally above zero. I'm tired of hearing that a nominal interest rate is the enemy of a good economy.

How can health care providers help people when their hands are tied by corporate desk jockeys who only care about money. The sick pay the price.

The county recently paved a section of Snow Hill Road. This was not needed on this section. Why was money not spent on a bad road?

Bailey and McCallie Avenues have more potholes than I have hair. A disgrace in Chattanooga. Please pave these highly traveled roads.

Erlanger will never be efficient as long as management gets millions in bonuses, and employees get nothing.

Democrats excited that Mueller will testify may regret their joy when Republicans ask about the research his team did on Democrat shenanigans.

Simple solution: Ticket illegal tinted auto windows and expired tags and pay for needed school budget increases.

Mayor Coppinger, as a double-dipper, you can easily afford a 13% increase in property taxes; others can't. You have lost touch with the electorate.

The deer-in-the-headlights look on Democrat debate candidates said exactly what we thought — they don't have a clue what the American people want.

The thousands of U.S. legal immigrants in the early 20th century would be ashamed at what current illegal immigrants want and receive.

Remember when churches concentrated on saving souls and not homosexuality and climate change? Yeah, it's been a minute.

Thanks to whoever leaked the information that Erlanger doctors are concerned about patient safety. Unfortunately, the public isn't privy to this important information kept confidential.

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