The Rant

The Rant

March 3rd, 2019 in Opinion Rants

As we mourn the loss of two of our men in blue, let's be thankful for all of those who keep us safe.

Congratulations to Tennessee House speaker for his good judgment in naming a former high school coach accused of sexual assault to head the education committee.

Signal Mountain must limit users and stop illegal Rainbow Lake parking. Neighborhood predicted overuse problems years ago but ignored. Hazardous, undesirable, unfair.

So Trump finally went to Vietnam! He's 50 years and some imaginary bone spurs too late.

Where is ICE when you need it? East Ridge is crawling with illegal aliens. It's time to round them up and ship them home.

Will the next immigration caravan come from Venezuela? Where actual political asylum is a reality, not a means to an end.

Can't wait for the Mueller investigation to be released and watch who back pedals the most.

You might be a hypocrite if you don't believe in the wall but have a locking front door on your home.

I remember when the Democratic Party was for the working people. Now it does not have a clue what it stands for. A disgraceful party.

Come on, Dems, stop being puppets. Speak out for what you individually think about issues.

The only complaint I have about the wall is if Democratic Socialists get in office, I will not be able to escape.

Only commandment Republican Christians respect: "Thou shalt not kill," but only for fetuses. They love Trump, who constantly breaks the others, plus the Golden Rule.

Think climate change hysteria is scary now? Wait till Green New Dealers find out we humans exhale 100 times more CO2 than we inhale.

Profanity is being used at the old Kinder's Mall. Such language in a public place is uncalled for and unprofessional. We will not be back.

Go, Democrats, go to the far left. You will lose in a New York Amazon minute.

Trump fell in love with Kim but has never publicly expressed his love for Valdimir. Shhh! He thinks it's a secret.

Remember back when we could enjoy TV because lawyer ads were not allowed?

Love the Erlanger 3D paperdolls ad ... want to cut them out, play all Sunday afternoon with them and feel like a young girl again.

An anonymous donor gave UTC $15 million! Congrats, UTC. Something is going well for you.

"Doctors" tearing innocent babies limb from limb for a woman's convenience. It's not "choice." It's murder. God must be wretching at this cowardly, pagan abomination.

The four-lane-wide and very jarring bump on the McCallie viaduct recently got an asphalt band-aid, a waste of material. That bump requires major surgery!

What are the chances we have a hot and dry summer? Not a raindrop in sight. Oh boy.

Chattanoogan newscasters; our language has adverbs. Use them. And please stop ending sentences with prepositions. You should be an example to our youth.

If you're going to take out Non Sequitur because someone is offended by it, take out Mallard Fillmore, too. It offends me. Fair is fair.

It was nice of Turbo Tax to write a new theme song for the Democrats upcoming election season: Free Free, Free Free Free, Free Free Free!

Trump's campaign chairman: felon. Trump's deputy campaign chairman: felon. Trump's personal lawyer: felon. Trump's former national security adviser: felon. Trump's foreign policy adviser: felon. Next!

Didn't get a refund this year? No worries. Be happy that your hard-earned money went to some deserving billionaire who really needed yet another huge tax break.


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