The Rant

The Rant

March 10th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Quit! Stop being Democrats or Republicans. Just be Americans and get to work.

Do rank-and-file Democrats really understand their leadership's support for every known perversion?

Cohen admitted he lied under oath. Trump lies virtually every day, but he never admits it, he just reverses positions. Who's to be believed?

Donald Trump can send nuclear missiles anywhere, anytime, with no checks or balances whatsoever. If this doesn't bother you, you're either brainwashed, or brain dead.

When will Democrats stop with expanding abortion? Post-birth one day, one month, one year? People, wake up. It's called infanticide!

"Art Of The Deal" author pats his own back while walking away from negotiations after giving a two-bit dictator the world stage, twice.

Are we paying House Democrats to work for the American people, or work for themselves through political investigations to remove a president they don't like?

Media, please ignore Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is a huge distraction to what we need to accomplish in this great country.

Everyone in the U.S. has access to medical care. They may not have insurance, but no one is denied treatment. Don't let them buffalo you.

I don't believe in the wall, and, yes, I lock my front door because I am more afraid of Americans breaking in. That is the real threat.

The Green Deal: Only after the national debt of $22 trillion is paid off completely.

The new left wants to fund their programs with the very thing they abhor, capitalism's results. Facts matter more than emotion. Truth is truth.

Methodists: Stand up for what is right. It's not the church; it is the word of God. Read your Bible. Where have Christians been?

Either ignorant or dishonest ranting that not receiving a refund after tax cuts means some millionaire ended up with it. It's called incorrect withholding.

Hey, everything isn't free. Unless pipes are part of county infrastructure, property owners are responsible.

United Methodists have changed their motto of "Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors" to closed hearts, closed minds, closed doors. The beginning of the end.

If your refund isn't what you expected, check your pay stub. Ninety percent of you paid fewer taxes throughout the year.

Why do Sunday music directors make all the music sound like Saturday night at the bar?

TFP: Absolutely zero coverage of any AAF weekend games on Monday? Really? I thought football was a sport?

Blinkers: Please use in all roundabouts.

A federal law should require MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, NBC, CBS, ABC to post after every commercial: "Verbiage expressed is not necessarily the truth "

Getting rid of the Electoral College will not help Democrats in 2020; it takes longer to amend the Constitution. We are a republic.

Trump supporters, how can you be so blind?

You can't make amends or change history by removing statues or creating them. Every dead person doesn't deserve a statue or foundation in their name.

Too much focus on "I." God help them and me. Not I.

As I write this, in as few as 692 days it's possible Donald Trump will not be our president. Hang on, sensible Americans!

How about a real national emergency, like our interstate highways? Spending $25 billion improving them instead of building a wall would be a good start.

Many thanks to the lady at McKay's who gave us the remaining dollars of her credit. Using our credit, too, we paid just 12 cents!


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