The Rant

The Rant

May 5th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

A congregation reflects the personality of the pastor. A business reflects the personality of the owner/supervisor. The nation reflects the personality of the president.

Some Democrats say Bernie Sanders can't win. They are forgetting Harry Truman.

Funny how Republicans believe climate change is simply the occurrence of a normal cycle, but the stronger economy is completely attributable to Trump being president.

The economy is growing. People have jobs. All the Democrats want to do is spend taxpayers' money on more witch hunts. Get over it. You lost.

To avoid impeachment for political reasons is wrong and unconstitutional.

Watch for some middle-school drama coming from the White House as Trump reacts to his buddies Putin and Kim meeting without him.

Yes, true Christians can vote for Trump! No one is perfect, but he stands for life and for Israel. Important issues to God!

People ask, "If we had a world crisis, could we rely on Trump?" We're in a cyber-war, and our elections are targeted. Trump is denial.

What part of illegal (as in illegal immigration) don't the Democrats understand? They think it means "the legal" immigration. So much for our public education.

If the Electoral College is out of date, it follows that the Constitution and singing "Dixie" in the shower are also.

Blowing themselves up is an attempt for the weak group to send a message to the strong. Not saying it's right, just that it's true.

Democrats are so alarmed about Russia meddling in our election, but they want to give illegal foreigners the right to vote!

If Democrats are making you sick, you better make sure you're not one of the 20 million losing health care when Trump totally abolishes the ACA.

He's unqualified, uncouth, mispronounces words, blunders, makes racist comments, curses and strokes women. I am talking Biden, not Trump. Bring it on.

Unbelievable! For once, columnist Cokie and Steve Roberts wrote an informative commentary about Bernie and Elizabeth — without trashing Trump.

To the atheist who criticizes true Christians who voted for the better candidate, Trump, understand that they correctly concluded that your candidate, Hillary, was inferior.

Democrats said "Easter" worshippers to avoid saying "Christian." Really? This reminds me of Lou Costello's question: "How stupid do you want me to be?"

A true Christian could not support abortion, same-sex marriage, or transgenders. You are brain dead or in denial if you believe other wise.

Top major cities failing. Crime up, public feces, needles, potholes, homelessness rising, sanctuary meccas, highest taxes and now major exodus. Hummm, all run by Democrats.

I have started watching the BBC for my news of world events. All the U.S. outlets do is talk about tweets and posts and the big platform they give to small minds.

No, ranter, Christians don't strap on suicide vests. They just blow up federal buildings and mow down worshippers with AR-15s.

The NRA is the propaganda machine of the gun manufacturers' industry. Keep your pistols, rifles and shotguns; ban assault weapons for the public!

Pam's Points headline, "What the World Needs Now is Love, Not Hate." Read the fine print. Love Joe Biden, continue to hate Donald Trump. Sick.

I visit caves on vacation. Can you tell me where the cave is where the Tennessee Republican legislators are?

Marsha Marsha Marsha: Tennesseans aren't "ready to move on." We have read Volume II of the Mueller report. Trump's actions and lies are detailed for posterity.

There is no such medical procedure as post-birth abortion. If you think there is, you have been drinking too much Trump Kool-Aid. Know your facts before spouting lies.


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