The Rant

The Rant

May 26th, 2019 in Opinion Rants

Too bad Keanon Lowe only saved students by tackling a shooter. Could have Medal of Honor had he won the Masters and golfed with Trump.

Casada must go? Give me a break. Trump lovers have made sleaze the face of the Republican Party.

Casada should resign but Trump shouldn't? Another of many Republican double standards. Go ahead and grab them by the p*****y guys.

Intelligent people want to see the tax returns of the politician who became a millionaire. Not returns of a millionaire who became a politician.

Who would like your tax records made public, just so those who don't like you can see what you might have done wrong?

To last week's anti-college education ranter, "Ole Bubba over air ain't got much book learning, but he got lots of common sense!"

Pastor Bo's God reference against abortion in Jeremiah 1:5. That same God in Joshua, 6:21, commanded Joshua to go into a village and kill every living thing.

Dems went stupid with the abortion issue; followed by the Repubs going stupid. Finally, we are talking about the elephant in the room.

One thing I've noticed in this new political climate, is that the more outraged politicians are about an accusation of impropriety, the guiltier they are.

"I don't like him, but I like his policies." Italy, 1920s. Germany, 1930s. Russia, 1950s, U.S. 2010s!

Democrats should have their debate like Jeopardy: See who can ring in first to answer the question. Eliminate those with slower reflexes.

Alabama just passed another good reason to not only avoid but not live in the state.

I wish no one got an abortion. But I don't want a bunch of old white men in Washington making that decision for her.

When abortion was illegal rich women with unwanted pregnancies traveled abroad for safe abortions. But poor women were maimed for life or died using clothes hangers.

How many women that are for abortion have ever had one? How many of them have ever had a child?

The only thing easier to buy in America than a gun is a Republican.

Russian money has compromised Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham — and Donald Trump.

President Obama's vacations: $12.1 million per year. President Trump's vacations: $10.1 million per MONTH.

Gov. Bill Lee's refusal to commute Donnie Johnson's sentence to life without parole tells me exactly what kind of Christian he is.

Wake up all you bleeding heart liberals. Go teach a class full of free-loading illegals that cannot speak a word of English.

Johnson's $30 million only if K-3 has 12 students to one teacher and one paraprofessional. Students first.

Tragic electric scooter SUV collision in downtown Nashville. Scooter operator hospitalized with critical injuries. These scooters are lawn-darts of our generation.

Soddy-Daisy should fix Depot Street between the Food King & Durham Street before it causes a wreck.

Red Bank spent good money on those Dayton Boulevard crosswalks. If you're tired of living, try using one.

Every child who has been killed in a school had a heartbeat for years. Where is the outrage?

Fun fact: Donald Trump Jr. said "I don't recall" 103 times during his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the Russian Trump Tower meeting.

Democrats once thought they had a golden opportunity to take back the Senate in 2020. But recruiter Chuck Schumer can't find anybody to run. Wonder why?

Tax increase being teed up, Hamilton County property owners. Monitor which commissioners get some goodies for their districts.

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