The hunter who shot and thought he killed a deer learned the hard (and permanent way) that karma is a b——.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi may be dead; however, ISIS is still a major problem. President Trump should not have pulled U.S. troops out of Syria.

Donald Trump is the most productive president we have had in 100 years.

A recent letter writer asked: "What happens when we become expendable (to Trump)?" Ask Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Gates and Papadopoulos.

Are Democrats just born stupid or did they grow into it? Quit reading the TFP and start watching FOX News.

When someone impulsively hands Russia part of the Middle East, abandons our allies, leaves oil for Iran's terrorism and gets nothing in return, deal him out.

The GOP are like wasps — they will sting you if provoked. However, the Dems are like yellow jackets — they stay mad and will viciously attack you for no reason.

It is shameful that in this country, too many of the mentally ill are living on the streets or being elected to Congress.

Gov. Lee expresses his Christianity, but hangs on to $700 million meant for care of the poor. Gotta first make sure they really need it!

State Rep. Robin Smith says the dumbest things. Like blaming the left for teen suicides. But she'sOK with guns. So dumb.

Per River City, BID was requested by business owners. Why didn't owners/River City approach the mayor and city council about the city doing its job?

Needed: Affordable housing partners. Monthly rates: studio, $200; one bedroom, $300; two bedroom, $400; three bedroom, $500. We can put men on the moon. "Community leaders" can solve this problem.

Unhappy teachers: There are two interstates heading out of town, either direction.

To those who are not in favor of a day of fasting and prayer, that is a freedom for Christians. You have to be saved by the grace of God.

Mayor Bill Trohanis and Sarah McKenzie apparently have no regard for the history of Signal Mountain/Walden or the people they represent. What a sad legacy.

You cannot make sense out of nonsense.

Great story about Charles Coolidge. Thank you, Mr. Coolidge, for your service. What a refreshing story. What a great man.

TFP continues to push an agenda, citing phony "poll" claiming 65% of citizens want property tax hike for schools. Come on, seriously? More details, please.

Do the readers who complain about Clay Bennett's cartoons on the left side of the editorial pages ever read the cartoons on the right side?

Has the bill to end Hamilton County auto emissions testing been lost?

A sign at the state line reads, "Welcome to Tennessee. Set your clock back 75 years; Rhea County 100!"

First-world problem is driving my Mercedes over rough pavement and being denied my free chicken sandwich. How about feeding hungry children?

Would someone please explain why Randy Fairbanks wants to run against fellow GOP'r Marty Haynes for property assessor? Something isn't adding up.

Hard to believe that Trump could lose re-election by bungling foreign policy so badly. The economy is solid but it won't be enough.

So it's OK for Trump to say nasty things, name calling and "lock her up," but not for anyone else to do it to him?

I'm sure the Vols have tutors for their football players, perhaps one could help the head coach with grammar.

To the reader who is so appalled by Clay Bennett's cartoons, what part of "political cartoon" do you not understand?

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