Thank you, Pam Sohn, for your very thoughtful analysis on community planning! We need folks with great insight. Not just dollar signs.

U.S. congressional motto: Money talks, integrity and ethics walk.

Trump insults me every day. Keep up the good work, Clay Bennett.

Irresponsible to suggest that all Democrats would want to see the Reagan Library burn down. Very divisive rhetoric. Stop reporting on the fringe left/right.

Democrats must be mad because now they can't nominate Baghdadi for the Greatest Living Promoter of Peace in the Middle East.

What do you call a cowardly punk, surrounded by friends, who spits on an old guy wearing a MAGA hat? It's not printable.

Every suicide and abortion is a choice, just like Robin Smith's decision to write an article assigned by Patriot Post. What's missing? Her medical knowledge, spiritual foundation and compassion.

Trump supporters: I suggest you stay off Fifth Avenue.

Novel approach to self-promotion: State Sen. Gardenhire sends official message, at taxpayer expense, telling us we may have unclaimed property worth money. How thoughtful.

I fell out of my seat laughing when a ranter suggested dropping the TFP and watch Fox. Fox is nothing but far right brain washing.

In response to "Trump being the best president in 100 years," do you worship him because he hates who and what you hate? That's sick!

The Republicans should get Moscow Mitch a bigger chair so he can continue to sit on the 300 plus bills he is holding up.

Unless you honestly would have approved of Obama asking for foreign interference in our elections, you cannot now support Trump for doing so.

Why is Randy Fairbanks running for assessor of property? Maybe it's because he is a professional, a CPA and a business owner, for starters.

Failure is not repeating a class or grade. Failure is passing on without the necessary knowledge; not having what is needed for your career/life.

TFP left-right columnists talk Trump 3 1/2 years with 3 1/2 more coming. We get it. Please move on. Economy? Homeless? Hungry children? Anything?

A first-rate community requires a first-rate public school system. Skimp here and suffer the inevitable consequence, mediocrity.

So now it's "displaced neighbors" instead of "homeless people"? These euphemisms to avoid offending someone are getting ridiculous.

Attention city and county: How about a public education campaign to teach drivers how to negotiate the roundabouts popping up everywhere? It's needed!

A shame Nikki's could not be spared and the eyesore next to Finley Stadium that serves no one be demolished instead.

Who on earth would boil a ribeye? Sorta like boiling a tomato to put on a BLT. Yuk!

What nincompoop cut the beautiful yellow trees down in front of Bela Lisboa Restaurant on Frazier Avenue in North Chattanooga?

"Young people will rise up" letter is a scary thought. Those who use "like" in every sentence, murder correct grammar, dress inappropriately show uneducated personification.

Riverbend was the best thing about Chattanooga. Let's make it great again and for the community. The side stages were where the fun was.

I want to know why Tennessee has held on to a $735 million block grant meant to help poor people in our state.

Ban phone use at concerts. We spend big bucks only to have people in front of us holding up their phones to video. Blocks our view; light from screens annoying.

Thank you, TFP, for presenting two editorial views. Why can't the other biased media present both sides and let the people decide for themselves what to believe?

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